The jawdropping AirTrack stunts of Devin Supertramp

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AirTrack Slip Slide Devin Supertramp

Devinsupertramp x AirTrack Factory

You have probably seen one of his videos over the past few years. Devinsupertramp is a videographer who has gathered a team around him to shoot the most epic videos of stunts, talented athletes, commercials and nature footage. These incredible videos earned him over 6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Now, we must disclaim that none of the following video’s are ads, and that Devin simply likes working with the brand and our equipment. However, these videos are too great for us not to share, so here’s a list of our favorite Devinsupertramp AirTrack videos. These stunts are performed by trained professionals, do not try them at home.

Slip and slide off a 500 foot cliff!

First and foremost there’s the Slip and Slide off a 500 foot cliff video! This insane idea became a reality at the Grand Canyon, when team Supertramp met up with base jumpers Marshall Miller, Jesse Hall, Carson Klein, Sean Chuma and Hartman Rector. A sturdy ramp was built right on the edge of a 500 foot cliff. On top of that an iconic AirTrack P3 was secured and when the daredevils were ready, a bucket of water and soap was emptied on the track.
Everybody who has seen one of the slip and slide videos knows that this combination creates the perfect slip and slide, so that is exactly what the team had in mind. The base jumpers jump on the track and slide all the way down the end, ending in a 500 foot drop in which they open their parachute.

Now, do you want to know how this was executed, make sure to also watch the behind the scenes video.

AirTrack Slip ‘n Slide our of an airplane!

After this video, the SuperTramp team wanted to take this idea one step further and once more invited the skydiving team for another stunt. This time, a huge carrier plane was arranged and right on the edge of the drop zone an AirTrack P3 was placed to create a slip and slide out of a plane! Enough said, here’s the video.

AirTrack Slip and Slide

Thirdly there’s a video, once again with slipping and sliding, but this time in collaboration with Disney’s Pete’s dragon! The dragon is seen flying around, having fun with the team ziplining onto the AirTrack and then flying themselves into a pond. It doesn’t look like there’d be a more fun thing to do than this!

AirTrack Jousting with Shonduras

Last but not least, there’s a video featuring famous artist and YouTube personality Shaun McBride, better known as Shonduras. In this video Shaun and the Devinsupertramp team have a jousting battle on the AirTrack. Doesn’t this look like the most fun way to spend a summer day with friends?

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