How it's made

AirTrack being made

An AirFloor Home takes approximately 12 hours to make by hand

Our 30 years of experience show in the tiniest of details and the strength of our equipment. We take pride in pushing the boundaries of quality. This is all possible due our team of production experts that makes everything by hand in our own production facility (the actual AirTrack Factory).

We test all our equipment intensively with a 24- hour pressure test, bounce test, and a thorough inspection with several photos of each item and it’s details. That’s why all our equipment has a unique product code. This way we can check in our database the exact item that you’ve purchased.

All this results in us being able to offer up to a 5 year warranty on our equipment. With us you can rest assured that you’ve bought from the best.

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AirTrack Productie Factory

Pushing forward

We do not only make, but also create. Everyday we look for new ways our equipment can benefit the sports industry. From inventing the home line in 2015, introducing the seam protection in 2017, to creating a portable AirBag that is easily stored away.

AirTrack Factory Manufacturing AirFloor

With an air of confidence

Through the years we’ve done many projects, with companies such as Disney, Red Bull, Skyzone and many more. We’ve helped them all, from start to finish. With our own production facility and in-house design team anything is possible. After all these years we think we’ve seen it all, want to proof us wrong? Surprise us with your idea

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Mission statement. We believe the future of sports is air. And the future is already here. Training is safer, more fun and more effective.

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