We believe air is the future of sports

Air enables young and old to move in a healthy, enjoyable and exciting way.

Training on air is less straining on the body, making training more enjoyable and less impactful on muscles and joints. Because of its incredible bounce, no full speed runup is required to work on even your toughest of tricks. It’s portability enables athletes to train anywhere. Its soft touch makes training more safe and boosts confidence and motivation.

Air provokes movement. It invites you to explore the possibilities of your body and its capabilities. To push your own limits, no matter where your limits are.

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The many benefits

Our equipment is soft on the body, lightweight, portable, small in storage, more fun and more effective.
It’s the revolution.

A blue AirTrack cut trough showing the inside

The main ingredient

Air. It’s the main component of every piece of equipment we make. A decade ago when making our first AirTracks we knew right away that we had something special on our hands. The combination of characteristics of the AirTracks revolutionized the way athletes trained, and rapidly grew in popularity all over the world.

Since then we have not been able to stand still. Not only have we been constantly improving the original AirTrack, but we have been constantly innovating. Expanding our product range for new ways to use it, for different athletes, other disciplines and for all ages. Constantly evolving around that one component. Air.

Why AirTrack Factory


Pioneers of the air revolution

More organizations experienced the added benefits of air equipment and made the switch. Federations, such as the Dutch and German Gymnastics Federations now endorse air equipment for all gyms, Skyzone decided to replace all foam pits with AirTrack Factory AirBags.

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Unmatched quality


Production experts

Our very own factory enables us to make your ideas come to life


Handmade perfection

Constant development helps us pave the way for the sports revolution


Service and innovation

Constant development helps us pave the way for the sports revolution

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