AirBag T

The pillow soft landing solution for your park

Price on request
  • 2 year warranty
  • Assistance from Netherlands
  • Custom options available

Unmatched in all aspects

The unmatched aesthetics of the pillow soft, plane flat landing surface will highlight your park’s branding. Supported by continued use of the best industry material and expert craftsmanship make our AirBag for trampoline parks unmistakably AirTrack Factory.

Inclined AirBag by AirTrack Factory KTR

Pay less – get the best

  • 016-factory
    Fully owned manufacturing facility

    Competitive pricing with a thorough quality check

  • 080-approved
    Future proof

    Above and beyond current safety, material and construction norms (ISO, CEN, NEN)

  • 077-eye
    Glow in the dark print

    Make your branding pop in the dark

defy zipline airbag landing Trampoline Park

Your visitors will love it

  • 009-right-arrow
    High throughput

    With up to 20 visitors per minute

  • 044-ancient-pillar
    Strong architecture

    With our unique walls, exiting the AirBag is nice and easy

  • 078-reliability
    Tested to the max

    Extensive drop tests have verified its safety

SZ Riverside rockclimbing airbag

Tech specs AirBag T

Elevate Trampoline Park AirBag AirTrick

Your image is your reputation

Thanks to a self-tightening system; the silky-smooth top sheets will tighten itself after each jump. Our improved wall structure makes sure that the AirBag keeps its shape and helps jumpers leave the AirBag with great ease! This, in combination with our impeccable print quality, ensure that the AirBag will look its best for years to come.

AirTrack Factory AirBag Detail

It’s all in the details

Over 30 years of experience creating inflatable objects have made AirTrack Factory CEO Geert Koenen an expert in airflow and inflatable structures. All over the AirBag you will find Geert his footprints, in the shape of smart techniques and solutions. Pulling up the metaphoric hood of the top sheet reveals a web of engineering innovations, intelligent manufacturing decisions and smart solutions which all back our claims.

Custom shape AirBag WipeOut by AirTrack Factory

Custom is the standard

Size, design or even inclines, holes or custom shapes. In our own production facility we have the knowledge and skill to make your AirBag idea into reality. As a business we know that differentiating yourself and taking bold choices will pay its dividends. Challenge us!

stratosphere trampoline park airbag design

Get your free catalog or mock-up design

Are you curious to see what your AirBag could look like or would you like to receive a printed catalog in the mail? Fill in this form and we will make it happen!

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  • What sets the AirTrack Factory AirBag apart from the rest?

    In our own production facility we have put our over 30 years of experience to use to make our AirBag competitively priced, without any concessions. Great thought has been put into the ease of installation, ease of use and comfort for the user! Our unique design ensures an extra safe landing and higher throughput, resulting in more users who can enjoy the AirBag!

  • What makes the AirTrack Factory Top sheet unique?

    Our sheets consist of a mixture of satin and cotton. This strong and smooth material will not cause any abrasions to the user. Our topsheets can be printed in full color and even glow in the dark! Our sheets are antibacterial and can be tailor made into any size you’d want.

  • Is a blower included with the AirBag?

    All our AirBags come with a blower. This blower needs a power outlet near the AirBag.

  • Is a custom size and or shape possible?

    We are both manufacturer and supplier of our equipment, with over 30 years of experience. This means we can make anything you’d want, nothing is too crazy. Contact us with your idea and our design team will get to work!

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