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About 10 years ago, AirTrack Factory connected with Ultimate Instability to create new and exceptional fitness and vitality equipment. When filled with water and air, these training bags will increase imbalance in every movement. Constant corrections help strengthen muscles that would otherwise be ignored. Over the years, this new way of training did not go unnoticed. Navy seals, the British national Rugby Team, the Dutch Baseball team and many more started training with this equipment. Today, AirTrack Factory and Ultimate Instability join hands to bring this equipment to the masses. We are ready for the next element. Are you?

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Train speed, strength and core power with the AquaBag! The ‘all you need’ fitness equipment.

gymnast training on beam with aquabag

Advantages of the AquaLine

  • Choose the weight that fits with your own strength and workout goals – up to 45 kg / 100 lbs
  • Full body training equipment for 1) Stability exercises 2) strength training or 3) high intensity cardio
  • Great injury prevention tools
  • Small in storage, low investment
  • Great for home or group trainings
  • Tested and used by top athletes from all over the world
  • Very suitable to use in combination with AirTrack Factory Home equipment
  • Used by physical therapists for rehabilitation
Gymnasts using aquabags for training

The Aqualine in gymnastics

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