Bato Haarlem gymnasts training with the AquaBag

Fitness and vitality

California 3d design gymnastics facility

Perfect additions to your routines and gym

AirTrack Factory offers a remarkable range of airtracks, airbags, and aquabags that cater to your fitness and vitality goals. With our 3D gym facility designs, we transform ordinary gyms into extraordinary spaces that inspire and motivate. Whether you’re a gymnast, a dancer, a parkour enthusiast, or simply someone who craves a dynamic workout, AirTrack Factory has you covered. Our airtracks provide superior bounce and cushioning, reducing the risk of injuries while allowing you to push your limits. Experience the thrill of performing gravity-defying tricks and flips with confidence. Embrace the AirTrack Factory experience and witness the transformation of your workouts today!


The AquaBag

Train speed, strength and core with the AquaBag! One product is all you need for all your workouts!

Girl gymnast training on the beam with the AquaBag

Benefits of the AquaLine

  • Choose the weight that fits your own strength and fitness goals
  • Train stability, strength or cardio
  • Ideal product for injury prevention
  • Small in storage
  • Sport at home or in groups
  • Tested and used by top athletes
  • Suitable in combination with our home products
Bato Haarlem gymnasts training with the AquaBag

The AquaLine x Gymnasts

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