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  • What is the lifespan of an AirTrack?

    With proper use and care a lifespan of 7 years or longer is not out of the ordinary. Please do be careful that our equipment is not dragged over the floor. Also make sure that there are no sharp objects underneath it when training outside. It is also recommended to store the AirTracks dry. This will make sure your AirTrack will be your favorite training buddy for years to come!

  • How fast will my AirFloor be delivered?

    This will depend on your local AirTrack Factory reseller. In Europe, delivery times will average between 1 and 5 working days. Please contact your local reseller for up to date delivery information.

  • How long does it take to inflate an AirTrack?

    Inflation time depends on the blower and the length and width of an AirTrack. Inflation usually takes only a few minutes. Our biggest standard AirTrack P3 takes about 5 minutes with the included Hikoki blower.

  • Can I set up my AirTrack equipment on my own?

    Yes, but it’s always nice to have a helping hand. The blower will do most of the work for you, however lifting the AirTrack in and out of its bag can be heavy.

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