AirBag S

The portable landing solution

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We’ve got you up there. Now, let’s get you back down

The AirBag S is a crash mat for any sport that involves jumping. By adjusting the pressure you can easily transform the AirBag from a crash mat to a landing area suitable for upright landings. This mat helps athletes fail in a safe way, without creating noise in their confidence with pillow soft landings. Learn to succeed by failing!


I like to move it, move it!

  • 104-keep
    Move it around

    With 154 lb this is easily done

  • 032-networking
    Applicable for most apparatus

    Move it around the gym!

  • 022-clock
    Inflation within minutes

    With the included blower


Attach it to your AirTrack or customize it!

  • 019-snap
    Easy AirTrack attachment system

    Simply stick it together with velcro!

  • 106-joint
    Attach it to your apparatus

    With attached D-rings

  • 014-sketch
    Custom sheets

    No problem! Contact us for your design requests

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Tech specs of the AirBag S

  • Warranty

    The AirBag S has a 2 year warranty on manufacturing defects.

  • Size

    The AirBag S is 13 x 8.2 x 2.3 ft

  • Weight

    A total weight of 154 lb

  • What's included
    • 1x AirBag S
    • 1x Transport bag
    • 1x User manual
    • 1x Blower
    • 1x Top sheet
    • 4x Side sheet
  • Size rolled up

    Deflated and rolled up 3.6 x 2.5 x 1.5 ft

The integrated landing solution

The AirBag G can be made to precisely fit into your existing pit, no matter its shape or size.


Safety is key

The AirBag offers an easy-to-clean alternative to a foam pit. Top sheets can be easily wiped off, sprayed with desinfectants or even replaced. The pressure distribution in an AirBag is the same all over the landing surface. A safety zone is marked on the top sheet to ensure safe and predictable landings.


Pressure customization

Like all AirTrack Factory equipment, managing the internal pressure exactly to your likings is simple. The pressure regulation system has four settings. Set the pressure from comfortable crash landings all the way up to upright landings.


All apparatus applicable

The AirBag can be used as a crash landing at the end of a tumbling track, but can also be used as a landing after the beam, under the high bar or after the vault. Work on new skills with back landings and work up to upright landings. Not only gymnasts can benefit from this transportable AirBag: cheerleaders, freerunners and high jumpers will love the soft touch of air.


Your own branded sheets

Choose our ready made design with safety markers or customize your AirBag sheets with a custom color scheme or logos. Contact us for a free mock-up design. Our in-house design team is ready!

Frequently asked questions

  • Is the AirBag S airtight?

    No, the AirBag S is not fully airtight. The reason for this is that the air has to be able to escape to provide a nice and soft landing. The AirBag is however adjustable in pressure for back- or upright landings.
    Worried about the sound? Our AirBag S blowers are relatively silent, and can be fitted with a soundbox per request.

  • Is the AirBag S easily transportable?

    The AirBag S has a total weight of 154 lb. With a group it can be moved around, but having a trolley or cart will be more comfortable.

  • What sets the AirTrack Factory AirBag apart from the rest?

    In our own production facility we have put over 30 years of experience to use in making our AirBag competitively priced, without any concessions. Great thought has been put into the ease of installation, ease of use and comfort for the user! Our unique design ensures an extra safe landing and higher throughput, resulting in more users who can enjoy the AirBag!

  • What makes the AirTrack Factory Top sheet unique?

    Our sheets consist of a mixture of satin and cotton. This strong and smooth material will not cause any abrasions to the user. Our topsheets can be printed in full color and even glow in the dark! Our sheets are antibacterial and can be tailor made into any size you’d want.

  • Is a blower included with the AirBag?

    All our AirBags come with a blower. This blower needs a power outlet near the AirBag.

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