Hooked gathering 2016 AirTrick

AirTrack Factory: Freerunning & Parkour

The AirTrick for tricking in San Diego

Push your limits

Our world famous AirTrack and AirTrick have been known to push the limit of freerunning and parkour athletes for years. The massive bounce yet stable and large surface increases airtime and pushes you limits to the next level. Work on power tricks on the AirTrack P3, vaults on the AirBox or work on your tricking skills on the AirTrick!

Dimitris dk kyrsanidis AirTrick Tricking session

Endorsed by the best

World famous athletes such as Damien Walters and Dimitris DK Kyrsanidis vouch for the possibility to go huge on the AirTrick! The quality is recognized and loved by the very best in the business.



Go huge with the beloved AirTrick! Work on your tumbling skills, tricking skills or launch yourself using the edge of the AirTrick.


AirTrick at Gravity XL

Fitness & Vitality equipment

When filled with water and air, these training bags will increase imbalance in every movement. Constant corrections help strengthen muscles that would otherwise be ignored.

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