The incredible AirTrack stunts of Damien Walters

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The year was 2005, when AirTrack Factory introduced a new piece of equipment: the AirTrick. As we wanted to see if we could find the limit of this brand new addition to the product line we decided to send it to Derby in the United Kingdom. This small city is the home of Damien Walters, world famous athlete and stuntman. If you haven’t seen his YouTube videos, you have probably seen him as a stunt double for Daniel Craig in Skyfall, or as a stuntman in movies such as Kick ass, I am number four and 47 Ronin.

Damien and his friends unpacked the big AirTrick on top of their gym and immediately started to take the equipment to the next level. This video, now removed on YouTube, reached millions of people, skyrocketing the popularity of the AirTrick.
After seeing the full potential of air equipment, Damien noticed that the AirTrack, when wet, would get incredibly slippery. This sparked the idea to make an athletic version of a slip and slide video. This video turned out to be even more popular and over multiple social media platforms and news channels, the video quickly gained tens of millions of views.

These stunts are performed by trained professionals. Do not try them at home.

AirTrack tumbling with Damien Walters

As an ex-pro tumbler and a tumbling teacher, Damien is an incredible athlete and surrounded by other professionals. This led to some incredible tumbling videos, such as this Damien Walters x AirTrack video!

Bungee hold and release

Now, when combining a stuntman and a YouTuber in one person some jaw dropping videos can be expected. In one exhilarating video Damien makes the first bungee jump without being carefully connected to the bungee cord! Standing on a high platform, he proceeds to jump off, held only by the strength of his hands to land exactly on an AirBox part. Of course, being the cool calm daredevil he is, with a nice and easy front flip to steez out this incredible stunt!

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