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We believe that air is the future of gymnastics. Our equipment has a low impact on muscles and joints, and the AirBags ensure pillow soft landings. By being able to do more repetitions, valuable training time is spent more efficiently. This enables athletes and coaches to focus more on technique, whilst reducing strain on the muscles and joints.

The bounce of our gymnastics range offers a new and fun dimension to your training. Explore our full range of gymnastics equipment and get ready to level up!

Our mission


AirBag S

Check out our portable landing solution for gymnastics, make training safer at every apparatus.

AirTrack Factory AirBag S
AirTrack Factory Carrying bag
Home Use

Are you looking for Home equipment for gymnasts?

AirTrack Factory has developed a full range of equipment for young gymnasts who just can’t get enough of practice.

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The history and future of gymnastics

Vitality And Conditioning equipment

When filled with water and air, these training bags will increase imbalance in every movement. Constant corrections help strengthen muscles, preventing common injuries in gymnasts.

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