The Gymnastics gift guide for birthdays or Christmas

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AirTrack Spark Home Gymnastics

The gymnastics gift guide

If you have a young gymnast, who spends more time upside down than upright, we have a great selection of Christmas or birthday gifts that make those upside down moments so much more fun and rewarding. All the equipment in this list can be used indoors, in the garden or even on a road trip or holiday. Each piece of equipment on this list comes in a handy carrying bag that will fit in the trunk of your car, so the beach or park can easily be transformed into a gymnastics facility! This is our gymnastics gift guide for birthdays or Christmas.

The AirFloor Home

Our most popular product, the AirFloor Home, is by far the most loved item among gymnasts. The AirFloor is made from the same grade materials and techniques that we use for the professional tracks. They take a staggering 12 hours to make by hand in our very own production facility.
This focus on quality results in a beautiful, high quality AirTrack that can help your gymnast get that little more height due to the bounce. The AirFloor Home is 3 meters long and the AirFloor Home XL is 5 meters long. For single tricks, such as a roundoff backflip the AirFloor Home offers plenty of space for most young gymnasts. For taller gymnasts or for those who go for those longer passes, the AirFloor Home is the perfect choice. This gives them the right amount of extra space for that extra backhandspring.
The AirFloor doesn’t only have to function as a bouncy track for leaps and flips. It can also be used as a soft platform for stretching or strength training. If you’d like some inspiration, make sure to check out our AirTrack Family account on Instagram where all Home equipment is showcased.

AirFloor Home gymnastics
2 gymnasts training on inflatbale tumbling mat blue 5 metre AirTrack AirFloor Home xl
AirFloor Home gymnastics

The AirTrack Training Set

This set contains the AirFloor Home and two smaller objects that can be attached to or placed before the AirFloor. The objects firmly stick to the AirFloor with strong Velcro and can create an endless amount of different variations for training. The AirBoard can be used to get that little bit of extra height for standing tucks or can be placed as a runup. This trick will add an additional meter to your AirFloor!
The AirBlock is the highest block and can be used for heightened cartwheels, as a punch pad or for some extra deep stretches for the really flexible.

AirTrack Factory Training Set
AirTrack Factory Training Set

The AirBeam

The third item on the gift list is the AirBeam. This item is specifically for those who just can’t get enough of their beam practise or for their opposites who fear the beam. The AirBeam has a raised center line so that the gymnasts can feel if their foot placement is spot on or if they missed it. The AirBeam also gives that little bit of extra bounce to properly practise leaps or perhaps even flips. This creates a safe and practical beam practise station that can be stored in a small cabinet, particularly nice for those parents who don’t feel like having a wooden beam running through their kitchen.

AirBeam folded
AirBeam home gymnastics
AirBeam home gymnastics
AirBeam home gymnastics

We hope this Gymnastics gift guide for birthdays or Christmas has been helpful! In our opinion, you can’t go wrong with any of these items. Each item can be deflated and stored or just left inflated. All these items come with a 5 year warranty on production errors and if unluckily something such as a piece of glass in the grass might puncture the AirFloor, we offer free reparation sets for all our users. And if these items are not quite what you’re looking for, we have a lot more options available! On the Home Use page we have a nice overview of all these materials. Still don’t know what to go for? Send us a message on our chat, social media or email and we’ll try to help you make the right choice for your gymnast!

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