What is an AirTrack?

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AirTrack-Factory Foldable Startramp run up gymnast

What exactly is an AirTrack?

The AirTrack. A relatively new phenomenon that has been skyrocketing in popularity over the past few years. The interest is still on the rise today and slowly making its way to become a must-have for every gym. But what is this new equipment and what makes it so special? In this article we’ll go over the basics and benefits of the AirTrack.

Thousands of lightweight threads

An AirTrack is the evolution of the old inflatable tumbling tracks everyone knows and loves. The AirTrack however, is being held together by thousands of little lightweight threads that run from the bottom to the top. This gives the AirTrack it’s perfectly flat surface. The AirTrack is airtight, so no continuous blower is required. And don’t worry, we won’t have to show up with an enormous truck to deliver it. It can be easily inflated using one of our pumps.
The sides are made from tough boat fabric to ensure years of heavy practise.

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AirTrack Spark Gymnastics
airtrack p3 cut in half showing strings

It’s all about pressure!

An AirTrack is filled with air and bouncy. This pressure however can be easily adjusted to exactly the users preference. When training on a lower pressure, the bounce that the AirTrack gives becomes slower, deeper and easier. This is great for beginners or for advanced athletes that are working on new skills. Also, a softer AirTrack makes the landing easier on the body.From that lower pressure it’s possible to gradually build up the pressure, making the bounce faster and more technical. This can help athletes to transfer their skills to a gymnastics floor.

The bounce is very important for three other reasons. First of all it’s a lot better for the younger gymnasts of which muscles, bones and joints are still developing. The softness of the AirTrack is easy on the body. Another great advantage is that the AirTrack is a real energy saver. Without having to make a full runup on each try, a lot of energy is preserved and gymnasts can work on their skills a lot longer. The added height gives them that extra space to work on air awareness while also being able to take twice as many turns. These benefits added up make athletes train longer, more efficiently and learn skills a lot faster. The buildup to the gymnastics floor can be gradual and therefore less frightening.

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Portability of an AirFloor
AirTrack Factory AirSpot AirFloor Toddlergym

An AirTrack is bouncy!

The last but not least benefit is that the extra bounce is fun! No one can stand or sit still on an AirTrack. The bounciness just invites movement and athletes, young and old, will love the boost of their skills. The extra height and soft landings give confidence and help athletes progress in their skills, helping them stay motivated and excited.

An AirTrack is lightweight

An AirTrack is lightweight and can be set up by your students. Inflation takes about 4-10 minutes with the blowers provided by AirTrack Factory. When deflated and packed, the AirTrack can fit in any car, making it easily portable. This is a great quality for those who do not have their own facility and have to take equipment home or store it in a small storage area.

A full product range

Now, the AirTrack is what started it all for us, but we have not been sitting still. An entire product range with soft and inflatable equipment has been developed, each providing the very arguments mentioned in the article above. Some are attached to the AirTrack and some as stand-alone items.

What makes our AirTracks so special?

For starters, we have been making AirTracks from the very beginning. We have seen everything that can go wrong with the different types of materials or production techniques and have been perfecting the art of making them. With over 30 years of experience we are an expert in inflatable equipment.
Hidden in the previous argument there’s also one that seems obvious, but in practise really isn’t. We produce the AirTracks ourselves in our very own production facility. This made us not only grow knowledge but also obsess over details. From the pretty black seam protection for extra strength to the perfectly rounded, double stitched Velcro strips. The carefully placed neoprene handles that are soft to the touch and the special materials we use that have been specially designed for sports. We do this together with elite athletes and coaches from all over the world.

Hand made

Each AirTrack is cut and manufactured entirely by hand. This process takes up to 20 hours per AirTrack and is a true art. Even though we have nothing but trust in our experienced production staff, each AirTrack undergoes a jump test, 48 hour pressure test and then an extensive quality control in which we measure the tiniest of deviations.

Because we believe that great products, with great quality can’t go without great service, our AirTracks come with a 5 year warranty on manufacturing defects and personal service from one of our 40 service points worldwide.

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