The AirFloor – The original inflatable gymnastics mat for training at home

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2 girls tumbling outside in garden on blue airfloor home

The AirFloor for Home Gymnastics

In 2015, AirTrack Factory was mainly producing big AirTracks for professional gymnastics clubs. The local elite gymnastics coach contacted us, asking if there would be a way for us to make something that was suitable for their gymnasts to train their skills at home safely, as they were always working on their gymnastics around the house, risking injuries.
After careful consideration of size, the AirFloor Home was born. When introducing it to the world, it immediately took the market by storm. The high quality equipment, with its softness and bounciness became the favorite piece of equipment for young gymnasts all over the globe.

“My daughter Emily loves to practice gymnastics and refine her skills at home, and with AirTrack Factory I know that I can trust the products to cushion any Falls.” Claire Willis – Mother of Gymnast Emily

As of today, a lot of alternatives have entered the market. We think this is a great development, as kids everywhere are motivated to move and practice what they love! However, making a choice between different brands might be tough. This article will provide some insight into our brand, and we will give some examples of how we have been able to retain our level of quality and service.

AirFloor Home gymnastics

Gymnastics with friends on the AirFloor Home

1. AirTrack Factory produces their own AirTracks

Most of the AirTracks you will find on the internet have been bought in bulk from manufacturers abroad. These manufacturers use different materials and techniques to make their products. One example is the grade of Double Wall Fabric (DWF), the material used to make the inflatable equipment nice and flat. The A-grade DWF used by AirTrack Factory is specifically manufactured for sports. This ensures that the equipment will remain great for years of heavy practice!


2. AirTrack Factory offers local service, a 5 year warranty and repair service

We believe that we offer the best quality equipment out there. A statement like that wouldn’t mean anything if we did not also offer the longest warranty and best service too. Each AirTrack therefore has a 5 year warranty on manufacturing errors. Now, although unlikely, we understand that accidents happen. If something breaks due to dragging the equipment over a sharp object for example, a service point is never far away. Due to our brand having over 50 partners and resellers all over the world, a service point is never far from your location. Many of these service points provide a repair service, for when damage is severe. However, most damage is repaired easily in the comforts of your home. That is why AirTrack Factory offers a free repair kit for the lifetime of your products.


3. With over 30 years of experience, we know quality

Einstein once said; the only source of knowledge is experience. As we do understand our mental capacity does not compare to his… by far, we do have over 30 years of experience as a manufacturer of inflatables. Therefore, we do not only know air, but we know how our materials react to different types of glue. Or what techniques work best over the lifetime of the equipment. And which types of velcro are the best on the market today, what grips will hold over time, where weak spots might occur, and how we can ensure that each AirTrack passes our triple quality check ánd 24 hour+ pressure test.
Air is in our blood (technically it’s in yours too, but you get the point), and we ensure the very best quality on each item that we put on the market.


4. It’s all in the details

The little things matter. Whether it’s the design of the manual, the design of the equipment, the perfectly double stitched velcro strips or the clean look of the carbon patterned Seam Protection. We love to obsess over the smallest of details to make the equipment beautifully practical and practically beautiful. The handles are made with soft neoprene grips that ensure user comfort, but also make the equipment easy to roll up for storage when done. The carbon seam protection does not only look beautiful, but protects the seams against the heaviest of training. The center lines give the user something to aim for, but are made from a very thin material so it doesn’t hurt or scratch the user. The velcro around the edges of the equipment are carefully measured out to firmly attach add ons such as the AirBoard or AirBlock with the greatest of ease.

Every detail has its purpose, whether it’s functional, practical or just to make the equipment look even better. And we’re not done! Each and every day we’re trying to push the equipment even further in their development. The best ideas come from the users themselves and we are passionate about solving difficult problems to make the equipment even better than it already is. So if you have an idea for us? Let us know!

Are you ready for some home gymnastics on the AirFloor?

2 gymnasts training on inflatbale tumbling mat blue 5 metre AirTrack AirFloor Home xl
AirFloor Home gymnastics
AirFloor Home gymnastics
AirFloor Home gymnastics

Video: The AirFloor Home & AirFloor Home XL

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