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Bailey Payne AirTrick Session Hooked Gathering

Kicks & flips

Martial artists and trickers don’t need a lot of equipment. We do however offer a few items that can level up your training! Our AirFloor for example, is slightly bouncy yet stable. This creates a great surface for ankle stability training, repetitive kick training or strength and conditioning. With a carpet bonded foam top, the AirFloor quickly replicates a gymnastics floor, loved by trickers that need to get some extra height in their flips and power tricks. Connect multiple floors together to create a full competition floor for battles!
If you’re ready to take your skills to an entirely new level, the AirTrick is the equipment for you! The big and recognizable blue surface is well-loved among trickers due to the major height it offers. The AirTrick is used and endorsed by Martial Arts Hall of Fame athletes such as Travis Wong and used at events or in gyms such as Hooked Gathering and JAM.


The AirTrick

If you like to go big with your tricks, this is the one for you! Well known and loved at training facilities and events all over the world!


AirTrack Factory x Hooked Gathering

AirTrack Factory has been one of the original sponsors of Hooked Gathering, one of the biggest tricking events in the world. Each year, the AirTrick, AirTracks, AirBags or even the full competition floor strike down in Amsterdam to witness the best of the best battling it out.

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