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Air is the future of sports. At least, that is how we see it. Whether it’s toddlers learning basic motor skills, gymnasts working on their skills at home or professional athletes finetuning their movement in the smallest of details. Training on air is fun and its bounce invites and improves movement. It helps you to boost your learning curve, while being gentle on your ligaments, muscles and joints. Actions speak louder than words, watch our video about how AirTrack Factory is pushing the air revolution forward.

Tricking session airtrick
AirTrack Factory Take Off Set for School Sports

A solution for everything

We strive to make the highest quality of air equipment accessible to everyone. It started with our standard AirTracks, but nowadays we have a full range of equipment for gymnasts, cheerleaders, schools, athletes at home, trampoline parks and many more!

Over 30 years we’ve been constantly developing, innovating and perfecting our current and future equipment in our own production facility.

From inventions such as the AirBox or AirBoard Boost, to our  home equipment. Our goal is to make our equipment accessible for everyone.

Our production facility


There is something in the air

There are many benefits to training on air. Due to it’s bounce no full speed run-up is required so it’s a great energy preserver. More height is created in your jumps, helping you to focus on technique and air awareness. Our landing solutions evenly distribute the impact over the entire landing surface and all our equipment can be adjusted in pressure so it’s exactly set to your preference, age, weight and skill level! This is just scratching the surface, get to know the full range of benefits.


Pioneers of the air revolution

Over the years many clubs, federations and brands have joined us in our mission in bringing air to current and future athletes. We’ve mentioned a few on our partners page.

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