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There for your first flips!

The AirRolls are developed to help gymnasts learn front- and back handsprings. Being soft and bouncy, the AirRoll is a friendly companion for those first rollovers, flips and handsprings. More advanced gymnasts can work on press handstands, glidekips and shoulder support. The AirRoll is available in three different sizes, for all body types.

AirTrack Factory AirRoll Gymnastics back handspring

Versatile and fun

  • 054-workout
    Suitable for methodical training

    tumbling, balancing, strength and conditioning

  • 011-age-group
    Available in three different sizes

    for all body types

  • 067-jump
    Soft, round and bouncy

    great fun to train with

AirTrack Factory AirRoll Gymnastics back handspring

Lightweight and small in storage

  • 020-folded-towel
    Easily portable

    with a max. weight of just 3 kg

  • 022-clock
    Fast setup time

    inflated in under a minute

  • 051-tote-bag
    Small in storage

    deflated it fits into a small sports bag

AirRoll AirTrack Factory

Tech specs AirRoll

  • Warranty

    The AirRoll has a 2 year warranty on manufacturing defects.

  • Size
    • AirRoll S ⌀ 0.6 m
    • AirRoll M ⌀ 0.75 m
    • AirRoll L ⌀ 0.9 m
  • Weight
    • AirRoll S ⌀ 0.6 m = 2.2 kg
    • AirRoll M ⌀ 0.75 m = 3.2 kg
    • AirRoll L ⌀ 0.9 m = 3.8 kg
  • What's included
    • 1x AirRoll
    • 1x User manual

    A suitable, high quality electrical blower (either the OV10 or Hikoki blower) is included with your order for free. Our air-experts will select your blower(s) to guarantee safe working pressure and optimal inflation time for your equipment.

  • Size rolled up

    Deflated and rolled up the

    • AirRoll S = 50 x 30 x 10 cm
    • AirRoll M = 55 x 35 x 10 cm
    • AirRoll L = 60 x 40 x 10 cm
AirRoll back handspring gymnastics

The right size for you

The AirRolls are available in three different sizes: 60 cm, 75 cm and 90 cm in diameter. For help with handsprings, your hip / lower back should be similar to the diameter of the AirRoll.

AirTrack Factory AirRoll training

Strength and conditioning

Work on shoulder support and strength positions, press handstands or cast handstands with the AirRolls. This can be done in static positions or with dynamic movements.

AirRoll Gymnastics Handstand Training

Go custom

Would you like a custom sized AirRoll? No problem! Just let us know through our contact form or request a free quote and we’ll make the custom AirRoll that suits your size or training needs.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is there a blower with my order?

    Yes, we will provide a suitable, high quality blower with each order for free! The type of blower that you will receive is determined by our air-experts to perfectly match the products in your order. For small (mostly home) equipment we will include our Foot Pump with built in Pressure Gauge. For larger equipment we will include the right electrical blower for your equipment; either the high pressure OV10 blower or the rapid inflation Hikoki blower.
    The specific blower is based on the time required to inflate your equipment so you won’t have to spend precious training time waiting on your AirTrack to inflate!

  • What are your terms and conditions?

    Check our our Terms and Conditions.

  • Can you use an AirRoll outdoors?

    You sure can! A nice spot on a field of soft grass is ideal. Just make sure there’s no sharp rocks or objects under your AirRoll. These can damage your equipment during training.

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