OV10 blower

Suitable for all equipment

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Don't pressure yourself, we've got you

The OV10 blower is designed for quick inflation to a high pressure. A high pressure is recommended for high level athletes and weight classes. For objects larger than 6 meters and 20 cm high we recommend the Hikoki Blower.

Pressure gauge in AirTrack with OV-10 blower

Under pressure

  • 023-gauge
    High pressure

    High pressure range

  • 021-feathers

    Only 1.7 kg

  • 088-social-media
    Anything fits

    Suitable for all equipment

End of blower tube ov-10 foot pump

Easy to use

  • 074-warehouse
    Easy storage

    Only 22 x 25 x 18 cm

  • 019-snap
    Ease of use

    Just turn it on and relax

  • 030-fresh-air

    The OV10 can also help quicken deflation

ov10 close-up

Tech specs of the OV10

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