The foam pit alternative

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AirBag foam pit alternative

Before the AirBag was introduced as a foam pit alternative, the foam filled pits were the choice for catching athletes since the 1968 summer Olympics. A lot has change since: New sports were invented, training has evolved, and world records were shattered.

With time comes knowledge and through mistakes come solutions. However, a foam pit has stayed pretty much the same during all these years: people falling through holes in the cubes, the time it takes to keep them fluffed, the dust that gets everywhere (which can potentially be harmful to the users) and how hard it can be to climb out of them.

More fun and unmatched safety

We believe that safety is paramount, not only for obvious reasons; it also reduces fear and doubt that hold people back from doing what they want, resulting in more enjoyment for everyone. This is the reason we developed AirTracks back in 2011 and expanded our line of equipment over the years to cover a wide variety of sport and even attractions, with only one guiding principle: AIR. Air does not only provide a great bounce, but also a soft landing. We started developing and designing AirBags in 2017, with the expertise of over 30 years in the inflatable business.

chart showing foam vs air

Keeping the foam pit alternative clean

Hygiene, especially during the pandemic, is an important factor. A foam pit is a magnet for bacteria, with no easy way to clean them. In fact, the cubes themselves are impossible to clean. The only solution would be to replace them or wrap them individually. Our sheets are easily mopped clean and are even machine washable. Making them not only more hygienic, but also less intensive to clean, resulting in less time wasted for less people. Not to mention the cost saving of not having to buy new cubes, or the labor costs for cleaning the pit.

cleaning sheet with cloth
Cleaning airbag sheet
wiping airbag with a cloth
using a mop to clean the airbag

Maintaining the safety

Gaps will appear between the cubes of the foam pit due to people falling in those places. If the pit is not fluffed on a regular basis, these gaps become a real danger to the users. Our foam pit alternative does not need any of that. The danger that an AirBag could present is that the bag might be poorly produced. This could mean that it does not inflate fast enough after a landing because it loses air too easily. Or that it does not properly inflate because the air circulation is poorly designed.

In the inflatable sports market, we have established ourselves as leaders in quality and service. Our AirBags are designed and developed by our CEO Geert Koenen, who has over 30 years of experience in inflatables. The best source of knowledge is experience.

Old foam pit alternative vs new AirTrack Factory AirBag

AirTrack Factory AirBag on the left, old AirBag on the right

Are you afraid that your current non AirTrack Factory AirBag could be potentially dangerous due to poor production or design? We have invented a pressure control system that will notify users when the pressure inside the AirBag is too low. It also comes with an indication light to show users when it is safe to land on the AirBag again.

Not all countries currently are lawfully obliging sports equipment to be flame retardant. Taking users safety and future regulatory developments into account however, the choice seems inevitable. There are foam cubes that have flame retardant impregnated into them, however, foam cubes will lose that protection over time. One part will slowly evaporate, the other part, like a sponge, will slowly be pushed out. In time, the foam cubes will lose their flame retardancy all together. Our AirBags and top sheets are, and remain, flame retardant.

foam pit residue

Getting out of the foam pit alternative

Landing in a pit is easy, getting out is the hard part. With nothing to hold on to, you will have to climb your way out, taking up to 1 minute before you are out of the foam pit. The throughput of our foam pit alternative is substantially bigger. Especially with properly designed AirBags, like the AirTrack Factory AirBag. Our sides are strengthened, making it easy for people to just stand up and walk off. This will be less exhaustive and will result in fewer lines and more exercises per person.

getting out of the foam pit alternative


It’s easy to fill a standard shape put with foam, but what about custom shapes? What if it’s a 10-meter-long rectangle underneath a slackline? What if you want to soften the fall underneath a sweeper? The AirBag can be made in any size or shape you want. They can be branded with any image you would like on our specially designed, satin soft, top sheets. Making sure it will represent your brand in the best way possible.

Check some of the previous work we've done with AirBags!

AirTrack and AirBag Design Inspiration
Custom shape AirBag WipeOut by AirTrack Factory

All well and good, but what about the cost?

If you look at the initial investment, the foam pit might be slightly cheaper than that of an AirBag. However, this does not consider the maintenance costs, the labor costs, nor the lifespan of the foam or even the foam pit itself. These are the points in which the AirBag will win easily. The life span of an AirBag, depending on how busy the facility is, can be up to 10 years. We invented a system in which individual pillars can be replaced, stretching the life span even further and minimizing the impact of any damage.

We come from the world of sports. We do not only meet, but set the standard in quality, for amateur and Olympic athletes alike. Those who know what to look for choose us. Interested in why companies such as Red Bull, Skyzone, Circus Trix and Circque Du soleil choose AirTrack Factory? Contact us at [email protected].

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