AirTrack and AirBag Design Inspiration

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KTRMidvale_Trapeze AirBag

AirTrack TopSheet inspiration

Most AirTrack Factory equipment can be customized in shape, size or color. As we feel that customization is everything, we have developed a special type of sheet that can be fit precisely to our equipment! This offers an entirely new set of custom possibilities. From full-color designs to match your parks’ branding to educational game layouts, the possibilities are endless.
These interchangeable topsheets are silky smooth to the touch. Because of the high thread-count, these topsheets have very low friction to the skin, preventing burn marks on skin and clothing.
These topsheets can be fit to right about every AirTrack Factory product, from AirTracks and AirInclines to AirBags and AirObstacles. But with that much choice, some inspiration might prove useful. Therefore we have collected our favorite designs for your inspiration!

MonkeyMoves AirTrack Set

AirBag Topsheet Inspiration


MonkeyMoves is a Dutch multisport educational programme for kids from 1.5 to 9 years old. They focus on total body awareness and efficient development in movement. This helps children develop a positive self image and the drive to learn and experience new things. By focusing on eleven different disciplines, all basic elements of body awareness are developed. Crawling, running, jumping, throwing, kicking, climbing but also social skills.

To make the air-equipment that is used in their classes more inviting, challenging and fun, they have made their own custom jungle themed design. The design features stepping stones, waterfalls and all sorts of animals, reinforcing their jungle themed brand.

MonkeyMoves topsheet close up
Monkeymoves airtrack
Monkeymoves Jump
MonkeyMoves climbing

Elevate Trampoline Park

Not only did Elevate request an AirTrick with AirRoll Takeoff and AirBag landing, we also made them a custom, hexagon AirBag with punched out holes for sweeper platforms! How cool is that!

Custom shape AirBag WipeOut by AirTrack Factory
Elevate Trampoline Park AirBag AirTrick
ElevateMesa Airbag Airtrick Takeoff

Kids That Rip

Or what about this custom trapeze AirBag with an actual curve for KTR? One more example of a crazy client idea that has been made a reality by our production experts!

KTRMidvale_Trapeze AirBag
Inclined AirBag by AirTrack Factory KTR

Defy Trampoline Park

Together with DEFY we have developed a wide array of AirBags in all different shapes and sizes. Their iconic design fits seamlessly into their parks and the custom fit AirBags.

defy zipline airbag landing Trampoline Park
Defy trampoline park pink airbag design

Topsheet designs can be made in the wildest designs, even with glow in the dark print! Curious to see what we can do for you? Contact us for the possibilities and let’s make your crazy design ideas a reality!

stratosphere trampoline park airbag design
SZ Riverside rockclimbing airbag
Gymnastics AirBag
altitude trampoline park airbag design
Victory Gymnastics AirBag
Airbag and battle beams in Trmapoline park altitude
AirTrack Factory AirBag Top sheet
AirTrack Factory Philipp
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