AirTrack Factory & Team Cheer NL announce strategic partnership

By maarten • 1 min read

AirTrack Cheerleading NL 2023

We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership between Team Cheer NL and AirTrack Factory, aimed at advancing and promoting the use of inflatable competition floors for the sport of cheerleading.

Stichting team cheerleading Nederland, the National Cheerleading Equipe of the Netherlands, has a long history of using air equipment to develop their technique. The AirFloor Competition has proven to be a particularly invaluable addition to their training and performances, strengthening the collaboration between AirTrack Factory and Team Cheer NL.

Rob Tonnaer, President of Team Cheer NL, expresses his enthusiasm for this partnership, stating, “I believe in the potential of this collaboration. The AirFloor represents a remarkable innovation in the world of cheerleading. Its quick setup, combined with an exceptional balance of bounce and stability, sets it apart from traditional spring floors or dead floors, often used in cheerleading. The opportunity to set the air pressure to the team’s needs is a remarkable and valuable asset. I am eager to introduce cheerleading enthusiasts to these exceptional training floors and elevate the performance of Team Cheer NL.”

Michiel Schoenmaker, Commercial Director at AirTrack Factory, shares equal excitement, saying, “This collaboration with Team Cheer NL comes at a perfect time. With the growing popularity of the AirFloor Competition, having Rob and Team Cheer NL on our team will allow us to refine the Competition AirFloor and demonstrate its advantages to cheerleaders worldwide.”

The AirFloor Competition has been gaining recognition in both gymnastics and cheerleading circles. In just the past three months, three brand-new inflatable floors have been adopted by cheerleading teams in Germany alone.

If you are interested in trying out the Competition floor at your gym or seeking more information, please feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to help you!

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