The sub 1 hour Competition Floor for Gymnastics and Cheerleading

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AirTrack Competition Floor setup

Just Air

The bounce you’re familiar with. The safety you expect. A set-up time you never thought was possible. We have finished developing a competition sized floor that is modular and fully adjustable in pressure, so that athletes of all ages and skill levels can perform their routine on a floor that is set exactly to their body type and skill level.
Our Competition Floor is trusted by i.a. the Dutch Gymnastics federation, approved by the athletes who’ve used it and loved by those who can set it up ten times faster than you would be able to with a regular spring floor.

The future of sports is here. Welcome to the new way of training.

AirFloor Competition Floor Setup

The facts

  • The floor can be set up by just two people within one hour
  • The full floor can be easily adjusted in pressure
  • The competition sized floor consists of seven AirFloors or less!
  • The floor is approved, used and loved by the Dutch Gymnastics Federation
  • A single floor piece with or without top layer can be used as a training or warm-up track
  • The full floor without carpet bonded foam can be transported on just two pallets!
  • Interested in another size? A 10 x 10 meter floor or a 12,8 by 16,4 meter cheer floor; any size is possible
AirTrack Competition floor Setup

AirTrack Competition Floor Setup video

Any way you want

A competition requires optimal equipment and equal circumstances for all athletes. Inlays with a perfectly balances mix of foam types guarantee a smooth imperceptible transition between mats and equal bounce and feel across the entire floor. The infinity blower ensures a constant pressure during training
or competition. This, along with the specially designed pressure distribution system connects the pressure inside each part for a nice and consistent pressure all across the floor.

Set the pressure of the entire floor with the click of the button and create optimal conditions for all athletes. Recreate the bounce and feel of a conventional floor or adapt the pressure for optimal training conditions for your group – it’s up to you!

Just the way they like it.

2 gymnasts performing during competition

14 x 2 meter Training Track

Having to set up a full competition sized floor for each training is quite the challenge. Therefore, we offer a modular floor that consists of seven training tracks that can be used individually. Each 14 meter AirFloor will have extra Velcro on all sides. Any competition sized AirFloor can thus be connected to a top layer, creating a training track in no time!

No carpet bonded foam top layer included
Although AirTrack Factory is able to provide carpet bonded foam top layers, we recommend contacting a (local) foam provider as this will be the most economic solution for you.


The AirFloor

As a separate element, the AirFloor is the perfect accelerator for your learning curve. Especially in combination with a tumbling track or spring floor, the AirFloor offers unique benefits for your training. AirFloors offer a nice extra bounce, resulting in the fact that athletes need less of a run-up while getting the same amount of airtime or even more. This allows them to make more repetitions while focusing more on technique and air-awareness.
Apart from the benefits mentioned above, the AirFloor is nice and soft, making it a comfortable and safe training tool. It’s easier on the ankles and knees so training takes less of a toll on (developing) bodies. The benefits of this new way of training has been proven by the InnoSportLab, a sport innovation research center based in the Netherlands.
Multiple gymnastics federations and elite gymnastics facilities have experienced the Airfloor to be part of the future of gymnastics and have joined us in our quest to make air the future of sports.

In this next video, former Olympic gymnast Kate Sarisska talks about the history of gymnastics and the future of air equipment within the sport. Her favorite piece of equipment for her elite athletes: the AirFloor.
She talks about the transition from the AirFloor to a regular spring floor is small enough that her athletes can often perform the tricks that they have mastered on the AirFloor on the spring floor as well.

The AirFloor Home

Due to the big success of the AirFloor in gymnastics, we have even made a small version of the AirFloor to take home! The AirFloor Home offers the same benefits of the bigger AirFloor but in a smaller package. This way, you can take the safety of your gym to the comforts of home. Whether you’re at home, at the gym or at a friend’s house, you can always train like you’re at the gym!

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