AirTrack Gymnastics Video Series

By maarten • 2 min read

Gymnast leaping on blue inflatable AirFloor and AirBoard

AirTrack Gymnastics Video Series

It all started with gymnastics. We manufactured our first ever AirTrack commissioned by our local elite gymnastics club. Over the years, we have been constantly innovating and developing new gymnastics equipment for and with gymnasts. For all this new equipment, we have developed special videos to showcase just what you can do with our equipment. Get inspired by the many possibilities of air-equipment!

AirTrack Gymnastics

The AirTrack is our most versatile piece of equipment. Its iconic blue surface is well known and loved among gymnasts. Not only is the AirTrack great fun to train with, you can practically give an entire class on the AirTrack alone! In this video we give you an idea of the many training possibilities of the classic AirTrack P2, or the versatile AirTrack P3.

AirFloor Gymnastics

The AirFloor is a thin AirTrack that is a marvelous addition to an existing gymnastics floor. It can be used to make training more effective, as the bounce gives athletes more airtime with a shorter run-up. In addition, the AirFloor is more gentle on knees and ankles. Therefore, athletes can train for longer and do more repetitions while focusing more on their technique.
When learning skills on the AirFloor, the transition to performing that skill on a regular spring floor is relatively easy, making it the perfect tool for faster progress.

AirBox Gymnastics

The AirBox is a modular set of small AirTracks that can be firmly connected to simulate a vault box. This soft and bouncy alternative is great for getting familiar with skills, to use as seperate pieces or if your gym also offers parkour classes, it can be used for vaults.

AirRoll Gymnastics

The AirRoll is a fun and useful tool for young gymnasts to learn their first hand springs and rollovers. In addition to that, it can also be used for strength training, handstand practise and bouncebacks.

AirIncline Gymnastics

The AirIncline is a great addition for clubs that often build an inclined surface in their classes. Even though an incline can be incredibly useful in a gym, DIY building them takes up valuable training time. Therefore we have developed the AirIncline, the lightweight and portable incline.

AirBag S Gymnastics

The AirBag S is our portable landing solution. The small AirBag can be altered in pressure for both comfortable back landings as well as for upright landings. It can be used in combination with almost all apparatus in the gym and can be easily stored away. This makes the AirBag S a perfect addition for gyms with hard flooring, so that even there, gymnasts can practise more difficult skills!

AirBoard Boost Gymnastics

The AirBoard Boost is our lightweight and portable springboard alternative. It can be altered in pressure, so that all age groups can practice their skills comfortably. Easily attach it to a carpet bonded foam floor with the velcro attachment underneath, or attach it to a hard floor using the suctions cups. It can be carried with ease so using it in a training session is quick and easy!

AirBoard & AirBlock Gymnastics

The AirBoard, AirBlock and AirSpot are useful pads that can be used in about any setting where an easier bounce is useful. With its velcro attachment it can be attached to Carpet Bonded Foam mats.

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