The bouncy basketball court

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Bouncy basketball court

More height, faster turnarounds, epic alley-oops, and jaw-dropping slam dunks. The inflatable and bouncy basketball court has become a sensation among basketball enthusiasts, offering an innovative and high-flying experience that has captured the hearts of players of all ages.
While suitable for a wide variety of sports, the AirCourt is particularly interesting for basketball players. The big bounce it will give athletes creates the ultimate playground for slam dunks, alley-oops, and overall more exciting matches. A true game-changer in the world of basketball.

A Court Like no Other

The AirCourt is unlike any court you’ve ever seen! It takes the traditional court experience to new heights – quite literally! The key feature that sets the AirCourt apart is its inflatable surface, which provides a huge bounce. Made from high-quality materials, the court allows players to soar through the air, unleashing their inner dunking maestro and pulling off gravity-defying tricks.

Epic Slam Dunks

One of the primary reasons behind the AirCourts surge in popularity is the ability it offers players to perform epic slam dunks and alley-oops with ease. The extra bounce provided by the inflatable surface allows athletes to reach heights they never thought possible, creating highlight-reel moments during every game. Basketballers of all skill levels are flocking to AirCourts to experience the thrill of defying gravity and showcasing their aerial skills. So if you’re just getting started and want to feel what a slam dunk feels like, or if you have been playing the game for years and want to add a 360 to your dunks; the AirCourt is there for you.


The AirCourt is suitable for all ages and skill levels | Photo credits: Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Perfect for Trampoline Parks and Basketball Facilities

AirCourts have found their natural habitat in trampoline parks and basketball facilities. These venues are ideal for housing these bouncy basketball court, as they provide ample space for players to run, jump, and execute their best moves. The AirCourt’s compatibility with these existing spaces has made it a cost-effective and practical choice for business owners looking to enhance their offerings.

Affordability and Accessibility

Compared to constructing traditional basketball courts with wooden or concrete surfaces, the AirCourt offers a more affordable alternative. The relatively low cost of installation and maintenance makes it an attractive option for both new and existing basketball facilities. This affordability has made it accessible to a broader audience, including schools, community centers, and recreational facilities, further fueling its growing popularity.

Inflatable basketball court outside

AirCourt for Vision park Greece

Custom is the Standard

Each AirTrack Factory AirCourt is made entirely to match the available space and design of your facility. In the order process, you will get to choose the colors to match your facility and logos you’d like on there as well. It’s also possible to go all-out with a fully printed top sheet that is wrapped over the top of the AirCourt. This enables you to go full Picasso with your court design.
Are you interested to find out how to fit an AirCourt into your facility? Our experts will help you with every step of the way!

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