The inflatable competition floor is on the rise

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Gymnasts, cheerleaders, and trickers are rapidly adopting the new evolution of competition floor setups. Federations, clubs, and events increasingly leave their old and bulky competition floors in storage. The new alternative, the AirFloor Competition, is lighter and smaller. This massively cuts transport costs and setup times.

Why are people switching to the AirFloor Competition?

The competition floor is so well-loved. So why would so many clubs, gymnastics federations, and tricking events make the switch to air?
While the regular spring floor receives a lot of love from its users, it doesn’t get the same love from those who have to set it up. Building a spring floor takes hours and lots of elbow grease from volunteers. On top of that, transporting spring floors come at a price. Not just in back pain for the crew, but mainly in the amount of pallets and weight that has to be shipped. While a full truck is required for a spring floor, the same result can be acquired in just three pallets (excluding the carpet-bonded foam top layers).

Setting up the AirFloor Competition takes two trained people only one hour. This can also be greatly shortened to 10 minutes when using a competition floor made from one single piece. It can be used with or without a carpet-bonded foam top layer. They both come with their own set of benefits:

A competition floor with a foam top layer resembles a regular competition floor. The main difference is that it can be adjusted in pressure. This is revolutionary, as even the smallest athletes can enjoy a nice bounce, that they simply wouldn’t get from a regular spring floor due to their weight.
For cheerleaders, the carpet-bonded foam layer stabilizes the performance area to create a solid foundation for stunts such as pyramids and tosses.

The CCVD, Cheerleading and Cheerdance Verband Germany, has been working with AirTracks for both training and competitions for three years now and calls it the Safety Floor. Whereas most Cheerleading competitions are still held on a dead floor, this association advises its 300 member associations to use a Safety Floor consisting of an Airtrack measuring 14 x 14 x 0.2 m with 3.5 cm foam top layers for both training and competitions.


A competition set-up without carpet-bonded foam top layer is most often made in 20cm or 30cm thickness and gives the biggest boost. This creates the classic AirTrack feeling and the massive height that accompanies it. Great for spectacular shows or events where athletes can safely practice or showcase their most impressive stuns.
It also doesn’t need the top layers, so the entire floor can be shipped on one single pallet! This saves time, weight, money, and effort!

Tricking floor

A more permanent setup

Not just competitions and pop-up events are switching to the comforts of an AirFloor Competition. Facilities such as Area51, Holland’s largest indoor Urban Sports facility chose the AirFloor Competition as their permanent setup.
Their main reasoning behind the inflatable floor was the ability to change the pressure. By lowering the pressure for younger or beginning trickers, they can get air more easily, while getting used to the techniques required to go higher. They can build up the pressure for more experienced athletes. This has proven to increase the learning curve of students!

Air Floor Gymnastics

What about the pressure?

So do you need to keep checking the pressure during competition to make sure everyone gets the same bounce? Fortunately, each AirFloor Competition comes with a special blower that constantly measures the pressure and adds air when required. This also enables you to change the pressure during competition with the push of a button. Start at lower pressure for younger athletes and build up the pressure for older, more experienced athletes. This results in a more inclusive competition environment, in which all athletes can enjoy the same bounce!

Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow

A regular competition setup is a luxury not every facility can afford. That is why we offer the competition setup at a much lower price point than a regular spring floor. But we also have another solution that might be exactly what you’re looking for! A single, 14 meter lane with a carpet-bonded foam top layer creates a track that resembles the feel of a spring floor. This enables athletes to get familiar with a competition setup, without having to build up a full floor for each training session! This levels the playing field, as even athletes who don’t have a permanent competition setup can train like those who do!


Ready to make the jump to air?

At AirTrack Factory we are constantly researching and developing new ways to make sports safer, more fun and more inclusive for everyone.
Are you ready to experience the comforts of having an AirFloor Competition“>inflatable competition setup? Our specialist Michiel Schoenmaker is ready to help you pick a competition setup that fits all your needs and budget.
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