Pressure Control System

The visual and audible AirBag pressure alarm

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  • 2 year warranty
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The new standard for AirBag safety

This Pressure Control System provides users with visual and audible feedback in the event of unexpected pressure loss in the AirBag. The backup battery ensures that the system will keep working. Although this event is very unlikely to occur, it’s always recommended to double down on your visitors’ safety.


Safety first

  • 023-gauge
    Pressure check

    Accurately displays the internal pressure

  • 096-voice-recognition

    Realtime feedback on AirBag safety

  • 095-back-in-time
    Always on

    Equipped with a backup battery

Visual alarm for AirBags with a red cross

Your preferences

  • 078-reliability

    The built in delay makes sure it won't go off without a proper reason

  • 042-manufacturing

    Adjust the volume and delay of the alarm

  • 080-approved
    Future proof

    Stay ahead of upcoming safety restrictions

Pressure control system

Tech specs of the Pressure Control System

  • Warranty

    The Pressure Control System has a 2 year warranty on production defects

  • Size
    • 1 x Pressure control 25 x 20 x 9 cm
    • 1 x Visual feedback display 30 x 30 cm
  • Weight
    • 1 x Pressure control = 4 kg
    • 1 x Visual feedback display = 2.8 kg
  • What’s included
    • 1 x Pressure control
    • 1 x Visual feedback display
    • 1 x Auditory feedback device
    • 1 x Alarm setup manual
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