How to pack up an AirTrack

Setting up the AirTrack is easy, but when it comes to folding up an AirTrack a lot of people are having a harder time. With a few of these tricks, folding the AirTrack becomes a lot easier.

How to fold up an AirTrack

In this AirTrack Academy video we will go through the process of deflating and packing up your AirTrack. With these steps, you’ll make sure the AirTrack fits in its bag every time! Make sure you also watch the video on how to inflate your AirTrack.

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Step by step instructions

Step 1. First off, open the valves so most of the air can escape. When you feel most of the air is out, close all the valves. Then take your blower and screw off the nozzle and place it on the other side of the blower. By doing this, the blower will be able to such the remaining air from the AirTrack. It’s recommended to use the grey valve for this step to make sure you get a perfect vacuum.

Step 2. When the AirTrack is flat, keep the blower running for a little while longer to make sure all the air is out. It can help to flick one side of the AirTrack to create a small wave towards the blower. When the AirTrack is completely flat, remove the blower and close the valve cap.

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Step 3. Having the AirTrack completely flat will most likely uncover the lines on which the AirTrack was folded. If so, use these as guidelines. If not, fold about a third of the AirTrack from the outside. The other side should exactly overlap to the edge of the first fold. If you want to make sure it’s slim enough, place the bag under the end of the AirTrack to see if you’re able to roll the AirTrack in.

Step 4. Lastly, start by rolling the AirTrack towards the bag. We recommend using two people for this step. Start small try to keep the roll straight and compact. When arriving at the bag, you should be able to roll it in and close the bag!

Please note: to close all the valves before rolling, to prevent damage and to store the AirTrack dry!


Read our user manual

Find our user manual and multiple AirTrack Academy videos here.



Each AirTrack has a 5-year warranty

Each AirTrack has a 5-year warranty on manufacturing defects, so you can focus on your training!

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