Which AirTrack is best for you?

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AirTrack p1 p2 p3

Which AirTrack is best for you? AirTracks are inflatable mats that are available in three types, that can vary in length and width. The AirFloor P1 is 10cm high, the AirTrack P2 is 20cm high and the AirTrack P3 is 30cm high. Which type of AirTrack suits you varies per discipline and the level of the athletes.

Quality of the AirTrack

The quality of our AirTracks and AirFloors are equal throughout the entire product range. All sports-DWF (double wall fabric) products are made from the same materials and with the same production techniques. On the inside of the AirTrack, small polyester threats determine the height of the product. Our standard colors are blue and gray. If you’re interested in a different color, please contact us!

airtrack p3 cut in half showing strings

Cross-section of an AirTrack

Weight of the AirTrack or AirFloor

The difference in weight is negligible, as it is only the additional length of the threads. Therefore, the weight of an AirFloor or AirTrack is calculated mainly by the amount of square meters. You can roughly calculate the weight of each AirTrack by multiplying the amount of square meters by 3.3 kg. On this website however, we have added the weight of all equipment in the technical specifications section on each product page.

Pressure gauge in AirTrack with OV-10 blower

OV-10 with pressure gauge

Internal air pressure

The height of the AirTrack determines the minimum air-pressure that is required to prevent the athlete from ‘bottoming out’. As a rule of thumb, a lower product such as the AirFloor requires a higher pressure and vice versa.
Example: If you weight 60 kilograms and you jump on an AirFloor (10cm thick) with 50 millibars, you will hit the bottom. If you would jump on an AirTrack P3, with the same 50 millibars of internal pressure, you will not bottom out. This means that the internal pressure can be lower for thicker AirTracks such as the AirTrack P3. The AirTrack P3 can however reach the same maximum pressure that is possible with an AirFloor. The AirTrack P3 on a higher pressure will feel just as sturdy as the AirFloor would.

If you would like what pressure would be the right pressure for you or your athletes, it is best to look in the supplied manual.

gray valve of the AirTrack

Gray valve

Valves and blowers

An AirFloor only has small valves. These van be inflated with the OV-10 blower or with a foot pump. The AirTracks P2 and P3 have additional bigger valves, that can help quickly inflate or deflate the AirTracks with the Hikoki blower. Home products, such as the AirBlock or the AirTrack Spark do not have a large valve as the air capacity is relatively small. For AirTracks starting from 8 meters in length, the Hikoki will be the recommended blower. We will however make sure to add the ideal blower to your order free of charge.

Gymnast back handspring on blue AirTrack P2

Which AirTrack for gymnastics clubs

AirTrack Factory has a full range of AirTracks in different shapes, sizes and purposes. The first choice you need to decide on is the thickness. What is important to know is where the AirTrack will be located. On a gymnastics floor, the AirFloor is perfect. On a hard floor, we would recommend the AirTrack P2 or P3.

After determining the thickness of the AirTrack you have to determine the length and width. A standard AirTrack is 2 meters wide. The P3 however, is also available in 2.8 meters in width. On this track, two lanes can be used simultaneously, making it a great choice for larger groups or when a high through-put is required.

The diagonal of a standard competition floor is 16.97 meters. Therefore, a 15 meter long AirTrack with a landing mat at the end can be the ideal choice for gymnasts.

AirFloor AirBag AirTrack Factory Gymnastics

Gymnast jumping into our AirBag G

AirFloor P1 10 cm

An AirFloor on top of a gymnastics floor provides the classic ‘AirTrack feeling’. Carpet bonded foam on top of an AirFloor provides the ‘gymnastics floor feeling’. The 10cm difference in to the floor makes it a safe training surface for children. Because a higher pressure is required due to its thickness, the AirFloor will feel stable and provide a quick bounce while being gentle to your joints and muscles.
In a gymnastics hall, a 6 or 8meter AirFloor is often chosen as an additional layer to an existing tumbling track.

In a normal gym, the AirFloor Home or Home XL is an excellent tool for basic exercises. If you’d like the perfect ‘gymnastics floor setup’ however, it is recommended to get a longer track and add a layer of carpet bonded foam. The resemblance to a gymnastics floor while still having some room to play the the pressure makes this track ideal to train for competition. This combination is now also used during competitions and is suitable for all ages and levels. Several successful test competitions have been held with our competition floor in collaboration with Dutch Gymnastics.

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6m AirTrack Roundoff

Tumbling on an AirTrack P2

AirTrack P2 20 cm

The AirTrack P2 is our most popular track. This popularity has risen as it’s a cost efficient AirTrack that is suitable for all ages and skill levels. It’s great for beginners on lower pressure and suitable for competitive athletes on higher pressure. The AirTrack P2 can also be used in combination with carpet bonded foam but is mostly used without. Due to it’s 20 cm thickness it’s also very suitable for a gym with hard flooring.

2 gymnasts tumbling on airtrack

AirTrack P3 30 cm

A lower air pressure provides the athlete with a slower, easier bounce. Without needing great technique in your setup, you will still be able to get enough height to practice flips. The feeling of a lower pressure can be compared to a bouncy castle.
At high pressure, you are able to get more height, but to to this, better technique is required. The feeling of a higher pressure resembles the quick and more technical bounce of a gymnastics floor. The AirTrack however will provide a deeper bounce, and therefore launches you higher off the ground.

At lower pressure however, you need less of a runup and have a nicer landing. We therefore recommend learning new skills at lower pressure and than building up the pressure until it resembles a gymnastics floor. From there, the transition to a gymnastics floor is small enough to stick those landings.

For recreational athletes, we do recommend the AirTrack P3. The easy and slow bounce, forgiving landing and fun factor make the AirTrack P3 a motivating training tool. It’s also great for learning air-awareness, control and technique. On top of that it’s also less hard on the body.

If you are unsure about the type of AirTrack you need, feel free to contact us! Our experts will be more than happy to help you make the right choice!

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Which AirTrack for schools

Because the gymnastics level at schools is lower than at gymnastics clubs, we advise you to look at sets. The sets offer several products that can be used methodically and can be easily adjusted into different setups using the velcro and straps.

AirJump Set Gymnast Roundoff incline mat

Student jumping over an AirBox

AirJump set

The AirJump set is ideal for children at primary school. The P2 has an excellent bounce for this age, but is also low to the ground, which increases safety. The AirBox set contains 2 parts of 20 cm and 1 part of 30 cm. The 20 cm parts can also be used lengthwise behind the AirTrack to make it longer. The 30 cm AirBox block can be used as a methodical aid to support jumping, rollovers and freerunning. With the AirIncline you quickly create a slanted surface for teaching rolls, cartwheels and flips.

AirTrack Factory Take Off Set for School Sports

The Takeoff set in action

AirTrack Takeoff set

This set consists of an AirTrack P3 8 meters (in 2 or 2.8 meters wide) and an AirRoll Takeoff. The set can be expanded with an AirBox and AirIncline. Because the AirTrack is 30 cm high, it is suitable for both primary and secondary schools. The AirRoll Takeoff lets you jump like a mini trampoline. The AirRoll Takeoff van provide assistance to both students and teachers, as you can stand on the product while the student jumps. If you have any questions, you can always talk to one of our experts!

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