An AirBag for your Trampoline Park, Gymnastics facility or Gym

Are you looking for an AirBag for a trampoline park, gymnastics hall or your gym? AirTrack Factory not only manufactures high-end AirTracks, but also safe and hygienic landing solutions. We have three main options, that can be customized in size, height and shape. On this page we’ll highlight the available options.


AirBag for Trampoline parks


For trampoline parks, we have specifically designed a landing surface that is safe yet stable. Because of this park visitors can safely practice their jumps, while also being able to exit the bag quickly. We managed this with an innovative wall design that provides more support to the mat. Your visitors will love the combination of a soft fall, with the full color branded topsheets that are so smooth that they won’t burn your skin or clothes with friction.

Just like this example from Urban Jump, your bag will seamlessly integrate with your parks’ branding. Check out our inspiration document to get inspired by the many possibilities!


The AirBag T

The unmatched aesthetics of the pillow soft, plane flat landing surface will highlight your park’s branding. Supported by continued use of the best industry material and expert craftsmanship make it unmistakably AirTrack Factory.

Inflatable AirBag for Trampoline parks

AirBag for gymnastics facilities

Landing AirBag Gymnasics

For gymnastics we have a landing surface that is both suitable for landing on your back, as well as to stick the landing on two feet. The internal air pressure can be regulated to facilitate different stages of learning a new skill. It is a safe and hygienic replacement for the foam pit and can be installed into an existing pit. No more lost socks, jewelry or hairbands and goodbye to the dirty and dusty foam blocks!


The AirBag G

The integrated landing solution. Our hygienic and adaptable foam pit alternative. It can be made to precisely fit into your existing foampit, no matter its shape or size.
With our pressure control system, it’s possible to easily adapt the pressure to your training purposes.


AirBag for hard floor gyms

Gymnastics AirBag S Landing

Need a portable landing mat that is safer than a crash mat? The S is a portable landing surface that is great in combination with most gymnastics apparatus. Place is below the bars, behind or even underneath the beam, below the rings or connect it to your AirTrack P2 or P3. The internal pressure can be easily altered to build up skills from comfortable landings on your back, all the way to upright landings. Place a mat on top to make a more sturdy landing surface.


The AirBag S

The portable landing solution. It is a crash mat for any sport that involves jumping. By adjusting the pressure you can easily transform the equipment from a crash mat to a landing area suitable for upright landings. This mat helps athletes fail in a safe way, without creating noise in their confidence with pillow soft landings. Learn to succeed by failing!

Inflatable AirBag
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