More height, faster turnarounds, epic alley-oops, and jaw-dropping slam dunks. The inflatable and bouncy basketball court has become a sensation among basketball enthusiasts, offering an innovative and high-flying experience that has captured the hearts of players of all ages.
While suitable for a wide variety of sports, the AirCourt is particularly interesting for basketball players. The big bounce it will give athletes creates the ultimate playground for slam dunks, alley-oops, and overall more exciting matches. A true game-changer in the world of basketball.

In addition to our AirTracks and AirBags, AirTrack Factory offers several accessories that are modular to the AirTrack. One of these items is the popular AirIncline. This item is available in several heights and widths and creates a quick, lightweight incline in a heartbeat.

Gymnasts, cheerleaders, and trickers are rapidly adopting the new evolution of competition floor setups. Federations, clubs, and events increasingly leave their old and bulky competition floors in storage. The new alternative, the AirFloor Competition, is lighter and smaller. This massively cuts transport costs and setup times.

Which AirTrack is best for you? AirTracks are inflatable mats that are available in three types, that can vary in length and width. The AirFloor P1 is 10cm high, the AirTrack P2 is 20cm high and the AirTrack P3 is 30cm high. Which type of AirTrack suits you varies per discipline and the level of the athletes.

AirTrack Gymnastics Video Series

It all started with gymnastics. We manufactured our first ever AirTrack commissioned by our local elite gymnastics club. Over the years, we have been constantly innovating and developing new gymnastics equipment for and with gymnasts. For all this new equipment, we have developed special videos to showcase just what you can do with our equipment. Get inspired by the many possibilities of air-equipment!

AirTrack TopSheet inspiration

Most AirTrack Factory equipment can be customized in shape, size or color. As we feel that customization is everything, we have developed a special type of sheet that can be fit precisely to our equipment! This offers an entirely new set of custom possibilities. From full-color designs to match your parks’ branding to educational game layouts, the possibilities are endless.
These interchangeable topsheets are silky smooth to the touch. Because of the high thread-count, these topsheets have very low friction to the skin, preventing burn marks on skin and clothing.
These topsheets can be fit to right about every AirTrack Factory product, from AirTracks and AirInclines to AirBags and AirObstacles. But with that much choice, some inspiration might prove useful. Therefore we have collected our favorite designs for your inspiration!

What exactly is an AirTrack?

The AirTrack. A relatively new phenomenon that has been skyrocketing in popularity over the past few years. The interest is still on the rise today and slowly making its way to become a must-have for every gym. But what is this new equipment and what makes it so special? In this article we’ll go over the basics and benefits of the AirTrack.

The inflatable obstacle for your trampoline setup

If there is one thing that a trampoline park can’t go without its trampolines. With more parks being built each day, it’s more important than ever to set yourself apart from the crowd and keep returning visitors entertained. Differentiation and innovation seem to be the key to success.

AirTrack Factory offers a solution to convert your standard trampoline setup to a safe and fun obstacle course. AirObstacles are airtight shapes that can be seamlessly integrated with any trampoline setup. This creates a modular parkour set-up for speed runs, vaults and tricks.
Kids are immediately attracted to the challenging obstacles and start racing or practicing parkour moves. The soft touch of air ensures kids do not worry to hurt themselves when hitting a knee or shin against the obstacle. Young and old will find their own ways to overcome each obstacle.

The gymnastics gift guide

If you have a young gymnast, who spends more time upside down than upright, we have a great selection of Christmas or birthday gifts that make those upside down moments so much more fun and rewarding. All the equipment in this list can be used indoors, in the garden or even on a road trip or holiday. Each piece of equipment on this list comes in a handy carrying bag that will fit in the trunk of your car, so the beach or park can easily be transformed into a gymnastics facility! This is our gymnastics gift guide for birthdays or Christmas.

Kate Sarisska is the head coach of Dutch gymnastics team BATO Haarlem, and a former gymnast who performed at the Olympics in Moscow in 1980. Kate grew up in Czechoslovakia where from an early age she knew she would be a gymnast. At the age of 5, when Sarisska saw Věra Čáslavská perform she told her parents “That will be me when I grow up”. This motivation did not leave her and she ended up competing at four world cups and in the Olympics. In this article she talks about the history of gymnastics and the future of air.

In the 1980’s, the typical gymnastics training facility wasn’t what you’ll find today. Nothing had padding and everything was hard. This made training tough and often painful. Nowadays Kate teaches gymnastics to young elite gymnasts as the head coach of BATO Haarlem. The club partnered with AirTrack Factory and uses most of the equipment made by AirTrack Factory for gymnastics.

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