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It has been quite the year. To help you get a jump start on next season, we’re introducing the AirTrack Factory Club Sale!

All pro AirTracks, AirTricks and AirFloors are reduced in price and come with up to 3 free products and a free blower! You’ll have at least 10% discount on the total order value.

This deal will remain valid until October 31.

Find out your deal for one of the items below and get your bounce on!

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AirTrack P3

Take your training to new heights. The P3 is our thickest AirTrack; 30 cm high. This allows you to vary the most with the pressure and is therefore suitable for all athletes and skill progressions. With a low pressure, the AirTrack is soft and suitable to work on new moves. When you get the skill down, build up the pressure until the AirTrack resembles a spring floor. Catch some major air. Explore the AirTrack P3

discount airtrack p3 sale


AirTrack P2

With its mid-range thickness this inflatable tumbling track provides the well loved bounciness of our AirTracks for all ages and skill levels. It’s well loved among gymnasts, student athletes and cheerleaders. The flexibility in pressure is plenty for most athletes and schools. The AirTrack P2 matches with our AirTrack Takeoff and average landing mats. Explore the AirTrack P2

Discount airtrack p2 sale



Due to the AirFloor being bouncy, less runup is required. The bounce provides additional air time and its softness lowers strain on the body. The preserved energy levels enable athletes to make more repetitions and coaches to increase focus on technique. With only 10 cm in thickness, the transition to a spring floor is minor. Therefore your training easily translates to an actual floor. Explore the AirFloor

AirTrack sale airfloor discount



This inflatable floor is ideal for practicing both beginner and advanced moves. This makes it great for trampoline parks as well. Go for the traditional blue surface or represent your facility in the best way possible with custom color schemes and your logo. Everybody, young or old, recreational or professionals will have a blast on the AirTrick! World famous athletes such as pro freerunner DK and professional stuntman Damien Walters vouch for the possibilities to go huge on the AirTrick. Explore the AirTrick

AirTrick sale discount

Free equipment with each purchase

gymnast training on beam with aquabag


Free AquaBag and AuqBall with AirTracks up to and including 10 meters

Gymnast training core with the AquaBall on an AirFloor


Free AquaBall and AquaBag with AirTracks up to and including 10 meters

AirTrack Factory AirRoll Gymnastics back handspring


Free AirRoll, AquaBag and AquaBall with AirTracks of 12 meters or larger

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