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Summer sale is here!

This summer season, we’re offering 20% off our:

On top of that, you get a free pump and free shipping! This summer special will remain valid until June 13th.

Make sure to order soon to ensure you will get your equipment in time. You’ll be jumping for joy!

AirTrack Sale!

Summer Sale

AirTrack Home XL

The longer version of our most popular product, the AirFloor Home! The extra 2 meters make this AirFloor suited for taller or more advanced athletes who’d like to practice longer tumbling passes. Train inside or take it anywhere in the included carrying bag.

Take your training to the max!

AirFloor 5×1

Summer Sale

AirTrack Spark

The AirTrack Spark is our biggest track for your home. Train alone or invite your friends! With its 5 meters long and 1.4 meters wide, the surface of the AirTrack Spark offers plenty of room for a good training session, whether you’re at home or at the gym. Having an extra 10 cm of thickness creates an incredible bounce. Take your training to new heights!

AirTrack Spark

Summer sale

AirFloor Home

The original gymnastics floor for training at home! The AirFloor Home is our most popular piece of home equipment. With three meters in length this floor is perfect for floor exercises and tumbling passes. Whether you’re at home, on vacation or at a friend’s house, you can still train like you’re at the gym!

AirFloor 3×1

Summer sale


The extra height provides you with more air time, perfect for when you need that extra height to land your standing flips. In combination with the AirFloor and our back to back velcro system you will almost have a full gym set up for your home!


Summer sale


The AirRolls are developed to help gymnasts learn front- and back handsprings. Being soft and bouncy, the AirRoll is a friendly companion for those first rollovers, flips and handsprings. More advanced gymnasts can work on press handstands, glidekips and shoulder support. The AirRoll is available in three different sizes, for all body types. 

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AirTrack Factory has developed a full range of equipment for young gymnasts who just can’t get enough of practice.

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