The AirObstacle; spice up your trampoline setup!

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AirObstacle attraction

The inflatable obstacle for your trampoline setup

If there is one thing that a trampoline park can’t go without its trampolines. With more parks being built each day, it’s more important than ever to set yourself apart from the crowd and keep returning visitors entertained. Differentiation and innovation seem to be the key to success.

AirTrack Factory offers a solution to convert your standard trampoline setup to a safe and fun obstacle course. AirObstacles are airtight shapes that can be seamlessly integrated with any trampoline setup. This creates a modular parkour set-up for speed runs, vaults and tricks.
Kids are immediately attracted to the challenging obstacles and start racing or practicing parkour moves. The soft touch of air ensures kids do not worry to hurt themselves when hitting a knee or shin against the obstacle. Young and old will find their own ways to overcome each obstacle.

AirObstacle by AirTrack Factory Trampoline Parks


With the parkour blocks being modular to your trampoline set-up, different setups can be easily created to create races or to change obstacle courses over time. And if you have an obstacle idea of your own, AirTrack Factory is more than happy to take your vision and create a unique obstacle for your park!

Custom printed sheets

Like all AirTrack Factory Attractions equipment, each obstacle can be branded to match your parks branding. Each obstacle comes with replaceable and full color printed satin sheets. These sheets have been carefully designed to not burn your skin when rubbing over it and feel silky smooth to the touch. The print quality is vibrant and razor sharp, so even the most intricate designs are printed flawlessly. Want to take it to the next level? We can use special UV ink that lights up under a blacklight. This way you can make the obstacle pop in the dark, for those special training hours!

Get your custom mockup design

AirObstacles are an affordable way to blow new life into your trampoline setup. All ages will appreciate the endless ways to pass an obstacle. Want to see how your custom printed AirObstacle would look like, or are you interested in other air solutions? Contact for a quote or a mockup design!

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