Hikoki blower

Suitable for our large products and sets

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Fast, faster, HiKOKI!

The Hikoki blower is a high volume output blower that is able to inflate our biggest AirTrack P3 within 4 minutes! It’s the combination of its valve and nozzle that makes this the perfect blower to inflate our larger mats (P2, P3 & AirTrick)!


Easy peasy

  • 022-clock
    Inflation within minutes

    The Hikoki is 8 times faster than the OV10

  • 021-feathers

    Only 2.2 kg

  • 106-joint
    Anything fits

    Suitable for all AirTrack Factory valves


Lemon squeezy

  • 051-tote-bag
    Easy storage

    Dimensions: 34 x 22 x 19 cm

  • 019-snap
    Ease of use

    Button lock for continuous in- / deflation

  • 030-fresh-air

    Helps to deflate for storage


Tech specs of the Hikoki

AirTrack Factory Philipp
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