AirTrack Toddler Set

The soft and fun AirTrack set for future Olympians

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  • 5 years warranty
  • Assistance from Netherlands
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The big journey starts here for young talents!

Let the children be accustomed to various skills in a playful and safe way on the AirTrack Toddler Set. Fundamental skills, such as crawling, balance, rolling, jumping and landing are developed with joy. The combination of products can be used as a set, but also separately. Quickly create methodical situations and vary with heights and setups. Due to our equipment being filled with air it will teach the children the basic skills of movement in a safe and fast way.


Soft and fun at number one


Endless combinations, endless fun!

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    Various products

    An AirBeam for balance, an AirIncline for rolling, an AirSpot for jumping

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    Ready within minutes

    Your combination of equipment will be set up within minutes thanks to the included OV-10 blower.

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    Inside or outside

    The products can be used inside or outside


Tech specs of the AirTrack Toddler Set


Learning should be fun!

Learning basic movement skills in a fun way is the perfect start for children. They can get used to different aspects of moving, jumping and landing. The set is composed and tested by the Royal Dutch Gymnastics Federation


Every day a different set up

The different products can be used as a set or even seperately. The combination of products are a perfect set for children, due to the various heights and shapes!


A bright future!

Having good body awareness creates a solid base for athletic abilities. Doing sports together helps kids develop social and athletic skills, giving them a head start and thus setting them up for a bright future!

Frequently asked questions

  • Is the blower included with my order?

    Yes, we will provide a suitable, high quality blower with each order for free! The type of blower that you will receive is determined by our air-experts to perfectly match the products in your order. For small (mostly home) equipment we will include our Foot Pump with built in Pressure Gauge. For larger equipment we will include the right electrical blower for your equipment; either the high pressure OV10 blower or the rapid inflation Hikoki blower.

    The specific blower is based on the time required to inflate your equipment so you won’t have to spend precious training time waiting on your AirTrack to inflate!

  • What is the warranty of an AirTrack?

    Check our our Terms and Conditions.

  • What is the lifespan of an AirTrack?

    With proper use and care a lifespan of 7 years or longer is not out of the ordinary. Please do be careful that our equipment is not dragged over the floor. Also make sure that there are no sharp objects underneath it when training outside. It is also recommended to store the AirTracks dry. This will make sure your AirTrack will be your favorite training buddy for years to come!

  • Is an AirFloor bouncy enough?

    Yes, especially for younger users 4 inches will be plenty for a safe and comfortable training!

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