AirTrack Spark

The biggest AirTrack for Home training!

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  • 5 year warranty
  • Free shipping
  • Suitable for outdoors

You only need a spark to light your fire

The AirTrack Spark is our biggest track for your home. Train alone or invite your friends! With its 16.4 feet long and 4.6 feet wide, the surface of the AirTrack Spark offers plenty of room for a good training session, whether you’re at home or at the gym. Having an extra 4 inches of thickness creates an incredible bounce. Take your training to new heights!

AirTrack Factory Carrying bag

Bigger and better!

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    So it's suitable for all ages and skill levels!

  • 080-approved

    Hand made with perfection so you get a 5 year manufacturing warranty

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    The Spark is suitable for more challenging combinations

Take it wherever you want!

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    Take it to the garden

    Only 3.6 x 1.3 x 1.2 ft when deflated

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    Quick and easy inflation

    With the OV4, inflation takes less than 5 minutes

  • 051-tote-bag
    Delivered in a carrying bag

    So it's easily transported and safely stored


Tech specs of the AirTrack Spark

  • Warranty

    The AirTrack Spark has a 5 year warranty on manufacturing defects.

  • Size

    The AirTrack Spark is 16.4 x 4.6 x 0.66 ft.

  • Weight

    The AirTrack Spark weighs 53 lb.

  • What's included
    • 1x AirTrack Spark
    • 1x Large carrying bag
    • 1x User manual

    A suitable, high quality blower is included with your order for free. Most home equipment comes with a Foot Pump with built in pressure gauge. Larger equipment requires an electrical blower (either the OV10 or Hikoki blower, depending on the specific product).

  • Size rolled up

    Deflated and rolled up the AirTrack Spark is 3.6 x 1.3 x 1.2 ft.

AirTrack Spark Gymnastics

Play around with pressure!

Because of the 8 inch thickness of the AirTrack Spark, there is plenty of room to play around with pressure. Training at low pressure is more comfortable when working on new skills. When you have the skill down, gradually build up the pressure until you reach a bounce resembling a gymnastics floor!


Safety first

Due to the soft and bouncy characteristics of air equipment, the AirTrack is easy on the body and joints. This is especially beneficial for younger, developing athletes.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the lifespan of an AirTrack?

    With proper use and care a lifespan of 7 years or longer is not out of the ordinary. Please do be careful that our equipment is not dragged over the floor. Also make sure that there are no sharp objects underneath it when training outside. It is also recommended to store the AirTracks dry. This will make sure your AirTrack will be your favorite training buddy for years to come!

  • Is there an included blower?

    Yes, we will provide a suitable, high quality blower with each order for free! The type of blower that you will receive is determined by our air-experts to perfectly match the products in your order. For small (mostly home) equipment we will include our Foot Pump with built in Pressure Gauge. For larger equipment we will include the right electrical blower for your equipment; either the high pressure OV10 blower or the rapid inflation Hikoki blower.

    The specific blower is based on the time required to inflate your equipment so you won’t have to spend precious training time waiting on your AirTrack to inflate!

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