AirBoard Boost

This springboard evolution will give your training a boost!

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  • 5 years warranty
  • Assistance from Netherlands
  • Foot pump included
  • In stock

Big bounce with the soft touch of air

The AirBoard Boost is our soft springboard alternative. It is made with two air compartments, that can each be adjusted in pressure. The result is a lightweight springboard, suitable for all ages and weight levels.


Unique yet familiar

  • 069-geometric-shapes
    A familiar shape

    Built like a spring board

  • 067-jump
    The bounce you like

    Due to a double air compartment

  • 032-networking

    Ideal for flips, leaps or vaults


Suitable for all

  • 011-age-group
    For all ages and skill levels

    Simply adjust the pressure and jump

  • 062-parquet
    Suitable for all floors

    Velcro strips for foam floors, Suction cups for multi-sport floors

  • 021-feathers

    So even the youngest can help setting up

AirBoard Boost Portability

Tech specs of the AirBoard Boost

  • Warranty

    The AirBoard Boost has a 2 year warranty on manufacturing defects.

  • Size

    The AirBoard Boost is 3.9 x 2 x 0.98 ft

  • Deflated size

    3.9 x 2.3 x 0.13 ft

  • What's included
    • 1x AirBoard Boost
    • 1x Velcro strips
    • 1x User manual

    A suitable, high quality blower is included with your order for free. Most home equipment comes with a Foot Pump with built in pressure gauge. Larger equipment requires an electrical blower (either the OV10 or Hikoki blower, depending on the specific product).

  • Weight

    The AirBoard Boost weighs 26.5 lb


Stick it

The AirBoard Boost is easily attached to a gymnastics floor by using the added velcro strips. Does your facility have multi-sports flooring? The optional suction cups make it easy to attach it to the floor! No matter how hard you’ll jump, the AirBoard Boost will not move!


How does it work?

The rule of thumb here is that the top part should feel harder than the bottom one. The top part must feel firm and give stability to the ankles. The bottom part should feel softer and ensure optimal bounce. Due to the built in pressure gauge and high pressure capabilities, we recommend using the Foot pump. An instruction manual is included with each AirBoard Boost, so you’ll know what pressure it right for you!

Frequently asked questions

  • Is the blower included with my order?

    Yes, we will provide a suitable, high quality blower with each order for free! The type of blower that you will receive is determined by our air-experts to perfectly match the products in your order. For small (mostly home) equipment we will include our Foot Pump with built in Pressure Gauge. For larger equipment we will include the right electrical blower for your equipment; either the high pressure OV10 blower or the rapid inflation Hikoki blower.

    The specific blower is based on the time required to inflate your equipment so you won’t have to spend precious training time waiting on your AirTrack to inflate!

  • What are your terms and conditions?

    Check out our Terms and Conditions.

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