How to inflate an AirTrack?

Setting up an AirTrack is simple, but a few basic tricks help you get your training going as soon as possible.

Inflating an AirTrack

In this AirTrack Academy video we will go through the process of inflating your AirTrack. We’ll show you all the steps to ensure the AirTrack is inflated properly. When you’re done training, we also have a specific Academy video that helps you fold / pack up your AirTrack.


Step by step instructions

Step 1. Start by removing the bag from the AirTrack. The easiest way to remove the bag is to roll the AirTrack out of the bag. After removing the AirTrack, unroll the AirTrack a little to make space and uncover the valves.

Step 2. Now, take your Hikoki or OV10 blower and insert it into the valve. Both these blowers have a locking mechanism for handsfree inflation. When using the Hikoki blower, make sure to hold the blower when the AirTrack is about to fold itself out due to the building air pressure.
When using the gray valve, make sure you connect the AirTrack with a twisting motion.
IMPORTANT: The most important detail when using the gray valve is to make sure the inside pin is pressed outwards! This will allow the air to remain inside the AirTrack when removing the blower. Even without having the valve cap on the valve, no air should escape from the AirTrack!


Step 3. The black valves make for quick inflation, but it’s always recommended to top off the AirTrack with the gray valves for maximum pressure. Note that neither of the included blowers can damage the equipment, so don’t worry about keeping the blower in for too long.

Step 4. When inflated, the pressure must be above 30 mBar. An easy way to feel if the pressure is right for you is to simply bounce on the AirTrack a few times. You should never be able to bottom out.
When the pressure of the AirTrack is right for you, it’s time to start training!

Step 5. Train safe, have fun, level up!


User manual

Visit our user manual page and learn everything there is to know about your AirTrack!

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