What piece of AirTrack Factory home equipment is right for you?

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AirTrack Factor Home Equipment including an AirTrack 10 feet

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If you’re a gymnast yourself, the amount of options for our home equipment might be a little daunting. If you’re a parent, looking for home equipment for your son or daughter, the amount of options might make you want to close your browser and hope they’ll think of another present for their birthday.
Luckily, when broken down into steps, the options we provide are manageable and after reading this article, you can call yourself an expert on AirTrack Factory home equipment.

The AirFloor Home and AirFloor Home XL

The AirFloors are our most popular pieces of AirTrack Factory home equipment. They share a height of 10cm (3.9”) and a width of 1 meter (3.3ft). The only difference between the two is their length. The AirFloor Home has a length of 3 meters (9.8 ft) and the AirFloor Home XL has a length of 5 meters (16.4 ft).
Now, why would you pick one over the other? First of all there’s a practical question you’d have to ask yourself; how much space do you have in your house or garden. We don’t all have big houses or gardens so limited space might just answer this question for you.
If you do have plenty of space for both the AirFloor Home or the AirFloor Home XL there’s a more practical difference between the two. The AirFloor Home is great for doing single tricks or variations, such as standing tucks, round off backflips for the smaller athletes and leaps. The AirFloor Home XL offers just the right amount of extra space to also perform combinations; an additional backhandspring for example! This is nice for most advanced gymnasts, cheerleaders or freerunners.
Therefore your (or your sons’ or daughters’) skill level can matter on the equipment that fits them best.

2 gymnasts AirTrack 3 meter AirFloor Home
AirFloor Home gymnastics

The AirTrack Spark

The AirTrack Spark is the biggest and baddest addition to the line of inflatable Home Equipment. This AirTrack is wider; 1.4 meters wide (4.6 ft) and shares the length of the AirFloor Home XL. In addition, the AirTrack Spark has a thickness of 20cm (7.9”)!
But why does thickness matter in home equipment? Is it more bouncy than other home equipment? Well, yes and no. The difference in thickness has to do with the amount of room to play around with the pressure of your AirTrack. When inflated to a higher pressure, the characteristics of the AirTrack Spark will be exactly similar to the AirFloor Home and the AirFloor Home XL. However, when lowering the pressure, the bounce will become less fast and instantaneous (such as the bounce on a gymnastics floor), but slower (such as a bouncy castle or trampoline). Therefore the technical skill to stick a flip can be lower on the AirTrack Spark, but the Spark will also be perfect for either heavier users or those who really have their technique down and go for that ultimate height like a power tumbler.
The real difference in real life is that the AirTrack Spark can be used on lower pressure to practice new skills, and then building up the pressure until they can be done on a gymnastics floor!


The AirBoard and the AirBlock

These smaller items are great to use as a punch pad or to practise the flips where you still need that little bit of extra height to land them properly. These items can be used as a stand alone object, but with velcro on the bottom. These smaller items can also be easily stuck to your AirFloor Home or AirFloor Home XL, creating a more versatile training platform.
The AirBoard can also be used as a run-up to the AirFloor Home!

AirBoard gymnastics

The Training Set Home Edition

This set is a combination of the AirFloor Home (XL), an AirBoard and an AirBlock. This set contains everything you need to create multiple heights, setups or run-ups to make a fully functional gym of your home or garden.

The AirBeam

This item has a very specific function; making beam practice safe and fun. The beam for most gymnasts is the most daunting apparatus. Many gymnasts have painful memories of beam exercises not going entirely to plan. The beam however, is a beautiful apparatus on which the true elegance and precision of a gymnast can be displayed. To lower the fear barrier of the beam, we have developed the AirBeam. With a heightened center line with exactly the width of a beam, a gymnast can feel whether they stick their landing precisely on, or next to the line. The safety zone prevents ankles from twisting and to help gymnasts get their confidence when doing their routines. Additionally, the AirBeam is bouncy, to help gymnasts get that little extra height to practice their skills.

The AquaBag and AquaBall

The AquaLine was developed with Ultimate Instability. These items are great for those who want to stay one step ahead of the competition. The bags can be filled partially with water, making them adjustable to the strength of the athlete using it.
There’s three ways of using this equipment; by balancing the water, by going against the flow of the water or going with the flow of the water.
The imbalance that the water creates can stimulate the imperfections of each movement. A simple squat done with the AquaBag will have the best athletes breaking their balance due to the water going in the opposite direction of your movement. This not only improves your movement, but also helps train little stabilization muscles that are so useful to prevent injuries.
Then there’s the very nice warm-up or vitality exercise where you move with the weight of the water in the AquaBag or ball. You utilize the momentum with gentle circular motions, gently warming up the muscles in your arms, legs and core. This mesmerizing exercise would definitely make Bruce Lee smile. “be water my friend”.
By going against the water you’ll create something the Bloodhound gang (your dad will know them) would refer to as; ‘fire, water, burn’. By firing up your workout, slamming the water onto opposite sides of the AquaBag, you will find your core will soon start to burn. This workout will have you gasping for air.

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