AirBag G

The integrated landing solution

Price on request
  • 2 year warranty
  • Custom options
  • Made by hand

Getting you back down safely

The AirBag G is our hygienic and adaptable foam pit alternative. It can be made to precisely fit into your existing pit, no matter its shape or size.
With our pressure control system, it’s possible to easily adapt the pressure to your training purposes. Practice new skills on a low pressure for back landings or work on upright landings at a higher pressure. With the AirBag also being easy to exit, it is the modern day landing solution!


The ultimate training tool

  • 079-soft
    Soft landings

    Add the foam top you're familiar with

  • 082-boost
    Easy exit

    Make more repititions

  • 033-boy
    Keep what is yours

    The AirBag won't eat your socks, spare change, hair bands or jewelry


Safe and strong

  • 025-antivirus
    Safety first

    Goes above and beyond current safety, material and construction norms (ISO, CEN, NEN)

  • 015-mixer
    Soft or firm

    Adjust the pressure for back- or upright landings

  • 073-quality
    Tested to the max

    Developed with professional gymnasts and their coaches


Tech specs of the AirBag G


Faster progressions

Foam pits are fun to jump into, but not so much to get out of. The AirBag softly cushions your landings, while also enabling you to simply walk off. This saves precious energy so you can do more repititions. The AirFloor or AirTrack serve that exact same purpose, so combining the two and create a setup that enables athletes to get the most out of the available training time.


No pit? No problem!

For those without a built in pit, AirTrack Factory has another solution; the AirBag S. This AirBag is also adjustable in pressure, safe for back ánd upright landings and easy to exit. But it’s also portable and small in storage! It can be placed at the end of a balance beam, under the high bars or connected to the end of an AirTrack P3! The AirBag S makes it possible to safely practise more advanced skills such as the Tsukahara or double flips in a gym!


Learn more?

Would you like a free quote, extra information or would you like to speak to one of our specialists? Contact us and we’ll make sure you get all the information you need!

Frequently asked questions

  • What sets the AirTrack Factory AirBag apart from the rest?

    In our own production facility we have put our over 30 years of experience to use to make our AirBag competitively priced, without any concessions. Great thought has been put into the ease of installation, ease of use and comfort for the user! Our unique design ensures an extra safe landing and higher throughput, resulting in more users who can enjoy the AirBag!

  • What is the warranty of an AirBag?

    The AirBag has a 2 year warranty on manufacturing defects.

  • What makes the AirTrack Factory Top sheet unique?

    Our sheets consist of a mixture of satin and cotton. This strong and smooth material will not cause any abrasions to the user. Our topsheets can be printed in full color and even glow in the dark! Our sheets are antibacterial and can be tailor made into any size you’d want.

  • Is a blower included with the AirBag?

    All our AirBags come with a blower. This blower needs a power outlet near the AirBag.

  • Is a custom size and or shape possible?

    We are both manufacturer and supplier of our equipment, with over 30 years of experience. This means we can make anything you’d want, nothing is too crazy. Contact us with your idea and our design team will get to work!

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