How to repair an AirTrack?

How to patch your AirTrack?

AirTracks are strong, but in the unfortunate case that you have a puncture, there is no need to worry. With these instructions, patching an AirTrack is easy! All AirTrack Factory clients receive a free repair kit. Contact us to receive yours!

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How to patch an AirTrack

Patching an AirTrack is quite easy. Follow these simple steps or view our Repair manual.

Step one
Inflate your AirTrack. Fill a cup with water and mix is with some soap. Use a brush to cover the suspected leaking area with the mixture. Bubbles will start to form if there is a leak.

Step two
Mark the area with a pen, so you know where the leak is located. Dry the area by patting or wiping it with a cloth or towel. Use the patch as a stencil to mark the area that needs to be glued.

Step three
Deflate your AirTrack fully.


Step four
Clean the area with the alcohol patch that was in your repair kit. Don’t have the repair kit yet? Contact us!

Step five
Rub the marked area and your patch with glue and let dry for about 5 minutes.

Step six
Stick the glued side of the patch to the glued area on your AirTrack. Press firmly and wipe off any excess glue with a cloth. Cover the patched area with something flat and heavy. A few books to do fine.

Step seven
Wait for 24 hours before removing the books. Check with the water and soap mixture if the leak is fixed.

Repair kit

Need a free repair kit?

Did something happen to your AirProduct and is it leaking. Please send a picture or video of the damage, including your product number and address to our office.

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