AirTrack Gymnastics – Elite level

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AirTracks in high level gymnastics

A growing number of gymnastics clubs rely on the quality of AirTrack Factory. In elite gymnastics, where differences are very small, good equipment is of great importance. In recent years, the use of AirTrack Equipment has greatly proven its value and offers numerous benefits to guide athletes to reach a higher level.

Intrinsic motivation

To compete with the best, solely relying on discipline is no longer enough; intrinsic motivation by creating a safe and fun sports climate in your gym makes athletes rise above themselves and keeps them to clubs longer. Most top athletes will have had ten years of training before they reach their peak and compete at the highest level. Therefore, working with fun and forgiving equipment has been proven of great value.

When we work with AirTracks, I know the training will be great fun

Pleun Reinders The youngest gymnast to ever reach elite levels in Holland.

Methodical training with more repetitions

Trainers and coaches also see the benefits of AirTrack equipment. The AirFloor, AirRoll, AirBox, AirBeam en de AirSpot are great examples of equipment that makes more steps in methodical training a possibility. Due to the soft and forgiving characteristics of AirEquipment, more repetitions can be made in a training, while still having far lower probability of injuries occurring. Longer sessions and training independently makes athletes gain more confidence in their skills.

Our elite gymnasts can repeat skills five times as often on the AirFloor as they would be able to do on a regular spring floor

Edwin Zeegers Former elite gymnastics head-coach. – GTV de Hazenkamp

AirTrack gymnastics repetition

Fewer injuries

A very important aspect of (elite) gymnastics is preventing injuries. Prevention is better than cure, is what trainers keep in mind when working on core stability, power and flexibility. AirTrack gymnastics equipment has the unique benefit of the pressure being fully adjustable to ones likings. This makes it possible to work on stability or confidence on a lower pressure, and gradually building to pressures resembling a competition floor. In Europe, lower divisions are testing with competitions on air equipment and the first tests and results are positive and promising.

On AirTrack Equipment my athletes can now learn difficult skills way faster than they used to.

Kate Sarisska Head coach BATO Haarlem and ex-Olympian

gymnast leaps on Airtrack P3 AirTrack 26 feet

AirTrack Factory in recreational gymnastics

The AirTrack P3 has found a permanent place in many thousands of gyms around the world and is a perfect alternative for training floor exercises. For all gyms it offers the benefits:

  • Easy and quick setup
  • Small in storage
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Airtight and noiseless

Since we started working with the AirTrack the average skill level in our gym has greatly risen. It makes our sport safer, more fun and even more spectacular!

Johan Mak Dutch National member of jury and coach – GV Elistha

AirTrack Factory AirBox gymnastics

The AirBox

The AirBox offers new possibilities to train methodically. The AirBox is airtight and noiseless, soft enough to use comfortably, even with rolls but still firm enough to offer support. By adjusting the pressure, the AirBox can be made suitable for gymnasts of all sizes and skill levels. Younger gymnasts benefit from the soft surface when learning their first skills. Using the knees to get over the AirBox feels nice and gives confidence to make the jump all at once! Even hitting your toes or shins will not result in negative situations or fear. Training in a fun and forgiving matter will increase fun in their training, which will result in faster progress and awareness of the body. Coaches can easily increase or decrease the height of the AirBox by adding or subtracting an AirBox part. Within a minute you can create a new methodical step and continue the learning process.

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