Trampoline basketball court

The bouncy basketball court

Are you looking for an inflatable, bouncy basketball court? The AirCourt will help you to take your dunks to the next level!

The AirCourt is a full trampoline basketball court developed for trampoline parks and basketball facilities. The AirCourt can also be used for soccer, and other indoor sports. It can easily fit large groups and attract an entirely new range of visitors to your facility.


The benefits of an inflatable basketball court

Using a bouncy Basketball court has multiple benefits. One of the main reasons is that it’s great fun! You can jump higher and work on the most epic dunks. It takes the craziness of a slamball court, but with increased safety and a flat surface. The AirCourt can be easily adjusted in pressure, so it gives the right bounce for all ages.

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    The AirCourt is a soft and safe attraction for your facility

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    The AirCourt can also be used for other sports, such as soccer or dodgeball. It's also suitable for 5v5 basketball matches.

Bouncy basketball court
  • High quality material: The AirCourt is strong, can fit large groups and uses the highest quality materials to ensure years of heavy training.
  • Custom made: Each AirCourt is custom made. You can choose your own dimensions, colors and logo’s. We can make it fit seamlessly into any facility.
  • Easy set-up: Setting up the AirCourt is easy!


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The AirCourt


Why choose AirTrack Factory?

An inflatable, bouncy basketball court is suitable for players of all ages and skill levels. From beginners to more skilled players, it’s a great way to boost your skills. From simply being able to reach the rim to making some epic slam dunks, it’s all possible with the AirCourt!

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    Trusted quality

    AirTrack Factory has been in the inflatable sports market for over 30 years!

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    Our team is trained to smoothly assist you through the process

AirCourt Basketball field

How does the order process work?


  • Contact us

    Reach out to us by hitting the ‘request offer’ button on the AirCourt page

  • Your wishes

    We’ll contact you to go through your wishes. What sizes and designs would you like us to incorporate into your trampoline basketball court?

  • The quote

    You will receive a quote within a week

  • Production

    When you give the green light we’ll start production. We’ll make sure every corner is just perfect for you and your visitors!

  • Delivery

    We’ll deliver on time and on location. Just make sure you’re there to get jumping asap!

Bouncy basketball court
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