AirObstacle Parkour

Teach all freerunning basics

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One obstacle, one hundred moves

The AirObstacle Parkour is a soft and inflatable obstacle that can be mounted to your AirTrack. It’s suitable for vaults, flips and assisted walltricks. Get creative and go for those hundred moves!

Inflatable Parkour Obstacle

Modularity is key

  • 006-puzzle
    Attach it

    firmly to your AirTrack

  • 009-right-arrow
    Get set!

    Use two for the perfect set-up

  • 052-stopwatch
    Easy and quick

    Train within minutes


Fun and safe

  • 063-spring
    Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!

    Both the Obstacle and AirTrack are bouncy!

  • 062-parquet
    Create your own setup

    How far can you take it?

  • 057-band-aid
    No hard parts

    No worries of hitting a knee

Parkour Obstacle in bag

Tech specs

  • Warranty

    The Parkour Obstacle has a 2 year warranty on manufacturing defects.

  • Size

    2 x 0.8 m

  • Weight

    AirObstacle Parkour has a total weight of14.5 kg

  • What’s included

    1x Parkour Obstacle 1x Carrying bag 1x User manual 1x Mounting kit

The safest option out there

The obstacles absorb a big impact. It is sturdy enough to stand on, but when the athlete comes short, will absorb the impact. By removing the fear barrier, athletes can stay focused on progressing their skills without having to be afraid of getting hurt. AirObstacle Parkour is exceptionally useful for beginning parkour athletes and freerunning workshops.



Our mounting kit connects the AirObstacle Parkour to the AirTrack P2, AirTrack P3 or a thick mat. If you already have an AirTrack, you can transform it into the ultimate parkour playground within minutes! With special patches, you can also connect it to a Carpet Bonded Foam floor!

Detailed view of the AirObstacle Parkour

Jump it, flip it, vault it

The AirObstacle Parkour is suitable for most parkour basics. From jumps, to vaults, to flips or even assisted walltricks. You can set it up in endless ways by using the Obstacles upright as a vault box or on its side like a flip set-up. Get creative and find your perfect setup!

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