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The bounce you’re familiar with. The safety you expect. A set-up time you never thought was possible. We have finished developing a competition sized floor that is modular and fully adjustable in pressure, so that athletes of all ages and skill levels can perform their routine on a floor that is set exactly to their body type and skill level.
Our Competition Floor is trusted by i.a. the Dutch Gymnastics federation, approved by the athletes who’ve used it and loved by those who can set it up ten times faster than you would be able to with a regular spring floor.

The future of sports is here. Welcome to the new way of training.

Before the AirBag was introduced as a foam pit alternative, the foam filled pits were the choice for catching athletes since the 1968 summer Olympics. A lot has change since: New sports were invented, training has evolved, and world records were shattered.

Nile Wilson x AirTrack Factory

If you’re a gymnast, you probably know him from his bronze bar performance at the 2016 Olympics or from basically winning the Commonwealth games in 2018. If you also spend some time on YouTube, you will probably know Nile Wilson from his hilarious videos. The ex- pro gymnast gathered a staggering amount of 1.5 million subscribers!

De full history of AirTrack Factory

We often get the question what made our company the way it is today. How we ended up with such a big product range that pushes air-equipment to all different types of sports. Crazy enough, it all started with blimps…

Kate Sarisska is the head coach of Dutch gymnastics team BATO Haarlem, and a former gymnast who performed at the Olympics in Moscow in 1980. Kate grew up in Czechoslovakia where from an early age she knew she would be a gymnast. At the age of 5, when Sarisska saw Věra Čáslavská perform she told her parents “That will be me when I grow up”. This motivation did not leave her and she ended up competing at four world cups and in the Olympics. In this article she talks about the history of gymnastics and the future of air.

In the 1980’s, the typical gymnastics training facility wasn’t what you’ll find today. Nothing had padding and everything was hard. This made training tough and often painful. Nowadays Kate teaches gymnastics to young elite gymnasts as the head coach of BATO Haarlem. The club partnered with AirTrack Factory and uses most of the equipment made by AirTrack Factory for gymnastics.

The soft touch of air

The AirBag S by AirTrack Factory is one of our latest innovations. This new training tool is there to help you back down safely. It’s the small version of our bigger built in AirBags and can be placed anywhere in your gym. But what makes this new equipment so smart, and how is it beneficial for your gym? Let us explain.

First and foremost the most important and predictable argument is that it is soft. But like all our equipment, it is soft in a smart way. A simple pressure regulation system was built in so that gymnasts or coaches can easily alter the internal pressure. Very soft for nice backlandings, getting rid of that fear barrier and getting the athlete comfortable with their movements. Then something in between soft and firm, to get more comfortable with upright landings without losing that safety for when things don’t go as planned. Then there’s the most firm option, to be able to stick your landings and getting fully comfortable with trying it on a mat. This variety in pressure makes learning new skills more pleasurable and less freighting.

The year was 2005, when AirTrack Factory introduced a new piece of equipment: the AirTrick. As we wanted to see if we could find the limit of this brand new addition to the product line we decided to send it to Derby in the United Kingdom. This small city is the home of Damien Walters, world famous athlete and stuntman. If you haven’t seen his YouTube videos, you have probably seen him as a stunt double for Daniel Craig in Skyfall, or as a stuntman in movies such as Kick ass, I am number four and 47 Ronin.

Damien and his friends unpacked the big AirTrick on top of their gym and immediately started to take the equipment to the next level. This video, now removed on YouTube, reached millions of people, skyrocketing the popularity of the AirTrick.
After seeing the full potential of air equipment, Damien noticed that the AirTrack, when wet, would get incredibly slippery. This sparked the idea to make an athletic version of a slip and slide video. This video turned out to be even more popular and over multiple social media platforms and news channels, the video quickly gained tens of millions of views.

These stunts are performed by trained professionals. Do not try them at home.

Devinsupertramp x AirTrack Factory

You have probably seen one of his videos over the past few years. Devinsupertramp is a videographer who has gathered a team around him to shoot the most epic videos of stunts, talented athletes, commercials and nature footage. These incredible videos earned him over 6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Now, we must disclaim that none of the following video’s are ads, and that Devin simply likes working with the brand and our equipment. However, these videos are too great for us not to share, so here’s a list of our favorite Devinsupertramp AirTrack videos. These stunts are performed by trained professionals, do not try them at home.

Jack Payne in Amsterdam

It was a Sunday evening when my phone buzzed, notifying us that Jack Payne, a world champion cheerleader and famous athlete, was in Amsterdam, looking to do something cool.
The morning after, on Monday, a small AirTrack Factory crew met up with Jack in his Airbnb bordering the Amsterdam canals. With nothing planned we left with a big AirTrack P3 and bags of video equipment out into the city, hoping to find some sort of inspiration for a video.

Wandering through the streets of Amsterdam, watching boats float peacefully through the canals that wind the old Dutch city, Jack came up with the idea to put the AirTrack on a boat. A crazy idea, but surely worth a shot we went about, finding a boat big enough to fit our AirTrack on. After walking and asking around we came across an Amsterdam boat bearing the name ‘’DE SOEVEREIN”. This fancy dining boat usually sails it’s diners through the canals of Amsterdam, while they enjoy great food and drinks. We however were planning to use the boat for an entirely different purpose.

We set up the AirTrack on the roof of the boat. Covering almost the entire roof with the blue surface, fired up the drone and got our cameras ready. We then gave Jack the go and the boat was off. But what happens when you arrive at one of the very low and narrow bridges?
Find out in the video!

Become a home equipment expert within 5 minutes!

If you’re a gymnast yourself, the amount of options for our home equipment might be a little daunting. If you’re a parent, looking for home equipment for your son or daughter, the amount of options might make you want to close your browser and hope they’ll think of another present for their birthday.
Luckily, when broken down into steps, the options we provide are manageable and after reading this article, you can call yourself an expert on AirTrack Factory home equipment.

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