50 ft AirTrack

If you’re in search of a 50 ft AirTrack, AirTrack Factory is the ultimate choice! Our inflatable tumbling tracks are among the strongest on the market, providing a pleasant bounce suitable for all ages and experience levels. With different size options and adjustable pressure, our AirTrack mats offer versatility and endless exercising possibilities. Elevate your training experience!

We offer large AirTrack mats for gymnasiums in a variety of colors and sizes. Our 50 feet AirTracks and AirFloors are 6.6 feet wide and range in thickness from 4 inches to 12 inches. Thicker AirTracks at a lighter pressure are bouncier and softer, which makes them ideal for practicing new tricks. From there you can slowly decrease the thickness until your AirTrack is similar to a sprung gymnastics floor. Reach for the next level!

  • 4m Air Track Factory AirFloor product blue

    The AirFloor is 46 x 6.6 x 0.33 ft

  • Inflatable tumbling track P2 AirTrack 6 meter
    AirTrack P2

    The AirTrack P2 is 50 x 6.6 x 0.66 ft

  • Inflatable Tumbling Track P3 AirTrack 8 meter
    AirTrack P3

    The AirTrack P3 is 50 x 6.6 x 1 ft

  • AirTrack-Competition-Floor-half-exposed
    Competition floor

    Combine multiple AirTracks into one competition floor

The ideal 50 ft AirTrack

The AirTrack P2 is our most popular 50-foot AirTrack. It is the middle model in our AirTrack product range and incredibly versatile. Additionally, the AirTrack P2 is available in combination with our AirTrack Takeoff and connects easily to standard landing mats. That way you can effortlessly combine different elements and increase your exercise space even more

product airtrack p2 front AirTrack 15 meter
Gymnast tumbling on a 10m AirTrack

5-year warranty on your 50-foot AirTrack

Our AirTrack mats are handmade with meticulous precision. They are airtight, tough and made with the finest materials. Because of this, we can always offer a 5-year warranty on all our AirTrack mats.

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