Episode 2
San Diego

Jack and Bailey Payne joined us on an all American adventure through the USA!
Armed with an AirTrack and a shiny Ford Mustang convertible we drove from city to city, state to state capturing jaw dropping flips at equally impressive sceneries on the way.

The second part

After leaving Los Angeles we headed south towards San Diego, where we rapidly set up the AirTrack at Coronado, to capture more flips with the iconic San Diego skyline as a backdrop.

After a long morning of tumbling in the hot Californian sun we all needed to cool down a little. Luckily our next stop offered a nice and cool pool. Of course, just relaxing in a pool is just not enough for us and within minutes the bouncy blue AirTrack P3 was up and running for the next session; a poolside tumbling session with the refreshingly cool water as a landing mat.

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